Windows 11 is absolutely the *BEST* Operating System in the history of OSes, and shows why Microsoft only has to compete wid itself in the Desktop/Laptop OSArena’!

Ignore the Linux FUD

Linux faithful ‘n their minions in media are steadily spreading the same FUD about Windows 11 as they have been attempting since Microsoft’s Windows 95 came out…funny to watch their foolish attempts now ‘n over the past 26 years.

Meanwhile, Chrome OS has bypassed all 2000++ individual Linux Distros, including the most popular Linux Distro, Ubuntu.

Fact is, Chrome OS (0.62%) is more popular than the Linux #1 Ubuntu (0.26%) & #2 Fedora (0.07%) & #3 Debian (0.00%) & #4 Mint (0.00%) & #5 Red Hat (0.00%) & #6 Slackware (0.00%) & #7 Gentoo (0.00%) all put together.

Linux has never been popular, in 30 years of trying, which is why some Distros are listed wid a “0.00%” Worldwide Desktop/Laptop OS user Market Share. However, a “0.00%” Worldwide user base is actually a pretty good number for Linux Distros like Debian, Mint, Red Hat, Slackware, and Gentoo, e.g. Arch Linux ‘n all the little ‘Archies’ combined add up to less than a 0.00% Worldwide Desktop/Laptop OS user Market Share.

Like Linus Torvalds has SAID: ‘For the last 20 years, I kept hearing how Linux on the Desktop would go mainstream in “five years.” “One of the problems Desktop” Linux has is it’s not made for “normal people, and by normal people I mean, obviously nontechnical people…”‘

Linux is a terrible excuse for an attempt at making a Desktop/Laptop OS; however, it does have uses in the ‘Specialized’ OS areas/sectors, i.e. beyond what Developers, programmers, IT Specialists, and highly Technical people use it for. See the ‘Special *PURPOSE* Linuxes’ page for more info.

Upgrading Dell XPS 13 Laptop to Windows 11 Pro

Honestly, this is the easiest ‘n smoothest Operating System I have ever seen, tested, and/or used!

If you have made sure your computer has the basic System Requirements ‘n then downloaded & successfully ran the PC Health Check app, then you should’ve had no problems wid the upgrade to Windows 11.

If you had problems, after following Microsoft’s simple instructions, then I have two quick suggestions: 1) Continue using Windows 10 until updates stop in 2025, and then buy a new Windows 11 computer. 2) Good Chromebooks can be purchased very cheaply, e.g. I paid $209.99 total cost (no tax ‘n free shipping) for a new HP 14″ Chromebook – 14a-na0023cl that had a FHD IPS display in late-May this year. Just gave it away, to a nephew. You have time to find a great one at a bargain price, so go ahead and make plans to move to a secure user-friendly Chromebook that is a total package.

As mentioned in the 10/06/2021 log on the *Karmi’s Daily Blog Log* page, I upgraded the Dell XPS 13 Laptop to Windows 11 Pro, in less than 15 minutes. Windows 11 Pro ‘n ‘XPS13’ were clearly made for each other! 😉

Moving the taskbar apps to the left side from the center was simple. It did take a little practice to get used to the new Start menu window tho, and I didn’t like that change at first. However, Microsoft put a lot of thought ‘n work into that change for *OBVIOUS* reasons, i.e. much more efficient & definitely smoother to use!

It took me a fairly long time to fully learn how to use ‘n customize the Windows 10 Start menu window – Plus – Microsoft kept changing ‘n updating it, which didn’t help. That was also one of the reasons it took Windows 10 so long to finally be accepted by Desktop/Laptop OS users Worldwide. Some other reasons were – Windows 7 was also tough competition, and the Windows 8 ‘n 8.1 had been disasters. Windows 10 now has over 1.3 billion Worldwide users, so they have clearly recovered from that slow start.

Here is the Windows 10 Start menu window on ‘Apevia‘ (on a 22″ display):

Takes up a lot of area, loaded with apps that I rarely use and/or loaded with apps that I use a lot that are already on the Taskbar. Still, I love it, and at first hated the new Windows 11 Start menu window.

Here is the Windows 11 Start menu window on the Dell XPS 13 laptop (on a 13.4″ display):

Note the “Type here to search” area at the top…that is a key addition to the new Start menu window! Apps that I rarely use no longer need to be in the Start menu window…that search is fast ‘n efficient. Apps that I don’t use a lot, but want quick access to now have a much less cluttered area. Apps that I use a lot are already on the Taskbar, and for the most part don’t need to be in the Start menu window.

Just part-time testing Windows 11 right now, mainly tweaking ‘n testing the wonderful new Dell XPS 13 laptop, but have quickly learned how to use the new Start menu window. It is an *EXCELLENT* addition to the Windows experience! More to learn, for sure, but am in no rush right now.

Overall, the Dell XPS 13 laptop had very little bloatware…Office and especially Windows 365 promotions were a pain, and are now gone. Dropbox promotion is gone. Couldn’t stand the McAfee Small Business protection any longer ‘n uninstalled it this morning…Windows Security is more than enough, especially for home computers, and it is free.

  • Disk Cleanup ‘n Disk Check ‘n Defragged (AKA Optimize) to keep device in top order (many Windows users never use those!?).

Normally, I would be looking to do a clean installation of a new Windows OS, but Windows 11 is so obviously smooth ‘n stable ‘n reliable ‘n well built that the upgrade seems to be all that is needed.

To this point, I have upgraded three computers, and did one clean installation that I am still running tests on.

I had ordered a Mushkin Helix-L M.2 2280 PCIe Gen3 x4 NVMe 1.3 250GB to put into the Dell XPS 13 laptop, for a clean installation (saving the Dell warranty ‘n installation device), but with all the success I am having, I’ll have to figure out something else to do wid that Mushkin Helix…probably will go into ‘Apevia’.


Satya Nadella ‘n the entire Microsoft Team have clearly put together an *INCREDIBLE* Operating system – Windows 11 is the Desktop/Laptop OS the World needs as we head further into the future!

Also, they have Fairly left the option for Windows 10 users to stay put until 2025, in case their computers don’t have System Requirements or if they are not ready to move on from Windows 10.

Honestly, I lack the words to properly describe what Windows 11 is about *AND* offers.

Will add this post to the Windows 11 page…

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!