Looks like Microsoft has Windows 11 ready, and has released a new PC Health Check app for download (at bottom of that link). I just checked my 5 computers ‘n they are all ready.

My original post on the subject – Windows 11 is coming – \o/ ’Hippity hip Hoorah’ \o/ – here’s how to check Compatibility! – has more info, but I used the old PC Health Check for that. Am guessing the new one is finalized now. Just a 13.5 MB download for setup:

PC technology is moving into the future wid Windows 11, but Windows 10 still has 4 more years of supported updates, in case your computer is older. This is what the new app will look like after you install it:

If the PC can run Windows 11 you’ll get this:

Since 2 of my computers are for testing, 1 is for TV, and 1 is mainly for keeping DATA backups, I may just do the Upgrade on them without doing a clean installation on them later. Probably do a upgrade, then a clean installation on my main computer, ‘Apevia’.

Will add this post to the Windows 11 page, under Prelude Section.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!