Orca, of the infamous ‘Thar She Blows!‘ blog, puts her money ‘whar her mouth is – on this new Laptop with Linux purchase.

Just Ordered

Laptop with Linux is a Dutch assembler of Linux powered laptops and the most priceworthy of all the Linux boutiques we could find. And they have German QWERTZ keyboards and they ship to South Africa. Like all the others they are using CLEVO barebones, only these people don’t keep it a secret but are quite open about it. And why not? Clevo is a high quality OEM from Taiwan and nothing to be ashamed about.

We kept our lappy standard except we ordered a 250GB NVMe SSD and 16 GB RAM.

Can hardly wait for this good machine to arrive …

Her ‘n hubby live in South Africa, so it’s not always easy to get stuff shipped there, but looks like Laptop with Linux offered what they had been looking for.

Congrats to ’em!

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!