If you don’t include Chrome OS (proprietary software) as a Linux Distribution, then Ubuntu is by far the most popular “Desktop OS” Linux Distribution. No other Linux Distro is even close. Fedora is @ 0.04% and Ubuntu is @ 0.31% of the Worldwide Desktop/Laptop Operating System Share by Version (OS user share) Chart. BTW, Chrome OS is @ 0.54%, and growing, i.e. it’s @ 0.61% on the 3 month Chart.  Most Linux Distros don’t even make it to any Worldwide Desktop/Laptop OS user share charts, or if they do, then their % is usually listed @ 0.00%.

  • Like Linus Torvalds has said: ‘For the last 20 years, I kept hearing how Linux on the Desktop would go mainstream in “five years.” “One of the problems Desktop” Linux has is it’s not made for “normal people, and by normal people I mean, obviously nontechnical people…”
  • Like Orca has said: “Its simpleton and DIY mindset obviously ticks all the right boxes for a whole lot of advanced users. Advanced, not new!”

However, as a secondary and/or tertiary OS, in a World where most people already use at least Two OSes daily (e.g. computer ‘n phone), then Linux offers a huge amount of ‘Specialized’ OSes for us “normal people” – see the Special *PURPOSE* Linuxes page for more info.


Ubuntu Studio via Ubuntu 20.04.3

  • Ubuntu Studio is a multimedia content creation flavor of Ubuntu, aimed at the audio, video and graphic enthusiast or professional.

I wanted to do a test ‘n review on Ubuntu Studio, but they only offered the Xfce Desktop ‘n the Plasma Desktop, and I dislike using either of those 2 choices.

However, one of the reasons why Ubuntu is the most popular Linux Distro, is its unmatched ability for customization ‘n incredible flexibility.  For example:

Thusly, wid ‘unmatched ability for customization ‘n incredible flexibility’ a quick solution is offered:

Ubuntu Studio Installer can add Ubuntu Studio’s benefits to any installation of Ubuntu or its official flavors* so that you can use whatever desktop environment you prefer, and gives you a curated selection of packages to fit your workflow, whether you’re a graphics artist, audio engineer, musician, publisher, photographer, or video producer.

Downloaded the new 2.86GB ubuntu-20.04.3-desktop-amd64 ISO, installed it on ‘CM130’ Linux test computer, and prepared the Ubuntu Gnome DE by adding Dash to Panel DE + ArcMenu (for a Windows and/or Cinnamon look):

Install Ubuntu Studio Installer:

Yes, Ubuntu needs the terminal to do this. Just type in “sudo apt install ubuntustudio-installer” & then type in the sudo password. Ubuntu used to be in my Top 2 Linux Distros, but I got tired of the ‘Linux Nanny’ pestering me wid annoying ‘Popups’ and/or the ‘Pesky Sudo’ password aggravations.

Add some more stuff, like new wallpaper:

You’ll get the new wallpaper after the Ubuntu Studio Controls ‘n Ubuntu Studio Installer have been added. Both icons are highlighted on Panel at bottom.

Here’s a shot of the 2 apps opened:

Here is the “About” system information:

That’s also about all I know on ‘Specialized’ audio, video and graphic tools for enthusiasts or professionals like ‘graphics artist, audio engineer, musician, publisher, photographer, or video producer’ types of users. Have heard that Ubuntu Studio does a great job tho…check out this ‘Specialized‘ Linux Distro if it sounds interesting to you.

Will add this post to the Special *PURPOSE* Linuxes page.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!