I never realized that keyboards came in sooooooooooooo many versions ‘n styles!? How many people actually use the number pad on a keyboard? I don’t ever recall using it on any of my keyboards, but there it was, always occupying 3.25+ inches of Prime Desktop Real-estate!?! For the past few years, I have had 2-3 of them on my Desktop, which adds up to about 6.5-9.75++ inches of Prime Desktop Real-estate being used for number pads that I’ve never used.

If you don’t think that lighting is important, then just close your eyes.

Also, for the past few years, I’ve had problems getting the right amount of light for typing, and then getting the right amount of light when not typing. Always seems too much, or too little, or too much glare off the keyboard. The letters, symbols, & numbers on my most used keys always seem to ‘Disappear’ somehow, and I have fixed them wid stick-on replacements that seemed to reflect all kinds of light ‘n glare.

So, after not noticing keyboard problems for about 26 year, I gradually started noticing problems a few year ago!?!

On 7/24/2021 I ordered my first keyboard w/o a number pad ‘n was “Backlit” – VELOCIFIRE TKL02WS 87 Key Wireless. Has become my main keyboard…Backlit…wireless and/or wired…’Clickity’ Mechanical Keyboard that I quickly got use to the ‘Clickity’ sound. Love this keyboard! Footprint is about 14.25” x 5.25” vs old Logitech’s 17.375” x 5.75”.

On 8/03/2021 ordered a Perixx PERIBOARD-429 US Wired Mini Backlit Keyboard – Thin and Silent Scissor Keys. No need for a primary keyboard, and its location was OK for a wired one. Two computers, up against the wall, and one stacked on top of the other so they easily share keyboard ‘n mouse that are plugged into a Sabrent Mini 4-Port USB rotating hub. 11.10″ x 5.32″ footprint, and an excellent keyboard for my testing ‘n such (‘CM130‘ & ‘Antec Jr.‘). Love this keyboard!

On 8/07/2021 ordered a Arteck HB220B Universal Backlit 7-Colors & Adjustable Brightness Multi-Device Slim Portable Wireless Bluetooth. Super thin wid no legs ‘n a 10.67” x 5.91” footprint. Had to buy a dongle for it because my PC’s don’t have Bluetooth (my laptops have Bluetooth). Bluetooth is new to me ‘n it has ‘Suked’ so far. Keyboards should be ‘Plug & Play’ simple – this one almost got tossed into trash, after I found it won’t boot into BIOS or the Boot Menu (or I haven’t found how!?). It’s sorta nice tho, and just a tertiary keyboard that needs to stay outta the way until I need it, which it does. Windows ‘n Linux recognize it, and the computer/s I use it on don’t really need to boot BIOS or Boot Menu (will temporarily plug the Perixx PERIBOARD-429 in when needed). How do I feel about it? It’s probably the Red-headed stepchild of keyboards…which is why I have set Backlight to light blue ‘n not red.  😉

  • UPDATE 1: I said the Arteck HB220B Universal Backlit keyboard worked wid Linux – well, sorta works. It worked wid Fedora because it doesn’t need a login user/psw, but it didn’t work wid CentOS Stream because of the login window. This Bluetooth keyboard doesn’t work until it gets to the OS’s desktop. Am not sure if all Bluetooth keyboards are like that, and can’t seem to find much actual info on the subject. I will avoid Bluetooth keyboards in the future, unless they come wid dual ability.
  • UPDATE 2: Didn’t want to spend any more on keyboards, but making a move from dark ‘n fading keys on a 17+++” full-sized keyboard requires research, experimenting & money. Just purchased a Velocifire TKL71WS 71-Key Tenkeyless Compact Size Gaming Keyboard with Brown Switches & Ice Blue Backlit for $50.28 (wid tax ‘n free shipping). I like the VELOCIFIRE TKL02WS that I have, but wanted smaller – the TKL71WS is 13 x 4 x 1.5 inches. A little bigger than I wanted, but am done wid all the searching. The Arteck HB220B Universal Backlit keyboard seems more suited for TV, phones ‘n tablets. i.e. things that don’t require much BIOS and/or Boot Menu work, and I have already shifted that keyboard to ‘Rose‘ the TV computer. All 5 PC’s now have (or have easy access to) their own Backlit keyboard.
  • UPDATE 3: 8/20/2021 – The Velocifire TKL71WS is too ‘busy’ for my secondary board (see 8/17/2021 Log for more info), so have moved it to the #3 – ‘InWin‘ computer. For Linux testing, I use the Boot Menu key a *LOT* ‘n this board required too much changing for that. Have moved the Perixx PERIBOARD-429 US Wired Mini Backlit Keyboard back to its original #2 spot…it’s wired, but in that area wired is OK.

Couldn’t find one wid a 2.4G wireless transmission dongle & Backlit, in a Tenkeyless (TKL), or Compact Tenkeyless, or Compact, or Mini…that had scissor-keys or even the membrane ‘tHiNgIe’. Which seemed weird considering all the choices offered in keyboards, IMHO.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!