The way that the American Totalitarian Party (AKADemocratic Party” & “Antifa” party) is headed, I figured I best get familiar wid the Russian Astra Linux Common Edition (Red) OS. If the American voters can’t stop this Progressive move of Identity politics soon, America is gonna need the Russian military to help us.  I may need to buy the Astra Linux Special Edition (Blue) before this is over!


May 31, 2019


This is my second post on Astra Linux, the first was Astra Linux – I wrestled ‘Da Bear and ‘Da Bear won in May 31, 2019. Sorry about all the missing pics…I deleted a bunch of pics from all my earlier posts, because of limited Media Library space on the WordPress Free plan. Have enjoyed this Linux Newbie blog so much that I upgraded to the Business plan in March of this year, and it has been the best $25-a-month (billed yearly) I have ever spent. From 3GBs of storage space to 200GBs of storage space, and have been too lazy to replace all those deleted pics.  🙄

Was still ‘rusty’ wid Linux when I started this blog in January of 2019, and that first Astra Linux testing was brutal on humble Newbie me! This second attempt, wid Astra Linux (Orel) 2.12.42, has been smooth ‘n easy

Astra Linux uses the Debian installer, and that offered the ability to take Screenshots of the installation process; however, recovering those pics ended up being a problem:

Ended up doing 3-4 installations to finally figure out how to recover those Screenshots. Notice the tiny RED circle over some of the icons? All the 0.png files had that red circle…opening the file showed this:

Correction – those 3-4 installations weren’t just about the pics, i.e. I’ll sometimes do a few ‘Practice’ installs to get all the correct kernel, software, settings, etc. choices being offered during the installation. More on that later…


Puppy saves Bear ‘n Blogger


Starring: The Puppy would be – FossaPup64 9.5 (AKA Puppy Linux 9.5), the Bear was a mix breed of Debian installer ‘n Astra Linux Common Edition, and the Blogger was me (Karmi) 😉

The Bear ‘n humble me was about to get into another ‘Fight’ when Puppy whispered into my ear, and suggested I let ‘Him’ look for the pics.

Sounded like a great idea ‘n sound advice, especially since another arse-whipping from ‘Dat Bear wasn’t appealing, at all!  😕

Most, if not all, of the Screenshots had shown that the pic was being saved in – /var/log/partman, or /var/log/tasksel, or /var/log/astra, or /var/log/grub. Here’s that earlier Screenshot again:

Note in the address bar: Computer  >File System  > var > log > installer. I find Linux file systems to always be a pain, and forget just doing a simple search for the file.

Like Linus Torvalds has said that “Desktop Linux” is not for “normal people” – ‘“One of the problems Desktop” Linux has is it’s not made for “normal people, and by normal people I mean, obviously nontechnical people…”

Wid the address obtained during installation, I couldn’t find the final 9 pic’s files using that address, and wasn’t sure if they had ended up on the ‘Live’ installation USB. Lot of searching went on…

Puppy Linux isn’t just a great ‘Companion OS for Windows 10‘, it’s an *EXCELLENT* Companion OS for Linuxes’ also! FossaPup64 9.5 (AKA Puppy Linux 9.5) is ranked #1 on Karmi’s Top 10 5 Linux Distros page for many reasons…one is for its ability to recover all kinds of files lost in other Linuxes, or “Could not open” by other Linux Distro/s, etc. Puppy Linux does what you ask it to do…without some ‘Linux’ Nanny’ excuse.

Anyway, Long Story Short, Puppy did a little ‘sniffing’ around in the Astra SSD, soon came up wid pics that opened, and they were also copied to a USB ‘n eventually added to the Linux Newbie Media Library.


Astra Linux Common Edition Installation


  • Download the 4.02GB orel-2.12.40-25.12.2020_14.45 ISO file from Index of /astra/stable/orel/iso/.
  • I used Rufus to create a bootable USB 16 GB drive. Had a 120 GB test SSD as the target device.
  • May have to use yore Boot Menu key to boot the USB.
  • I selected the – Graphical install (English language) – option.
  • It only offers Russia’s Time Zones…I went wid the default – Moscow.
  • I went wid the Guided – use entire disk option under Partition disks section:

  • Selected the 120 GB SSD target device:

  • Went wid the – All files in one partition option:

  • At the first ‘Double-check’ section – went wid Finish partitioning and write to disk confirmation:

  • Another ‘Double-check’ warning – select Yes.

  • Software selection is next. First install attempt I deselected options 2 & 3 (Fly desktop options), which was a mistake if you want a Graphical DE…ooops!  😳  After that, I went wid the Default selections:

  • After another test installation or so, I went wid two choices in the Additional OS settings – 1) Use kernel 5.4 by default, and 2) Enable autologin to X session:

Fonts ‘n icons ‘n text ‘n windows ‘n etc. were all too big if 5.4 wasn’t used at the beginning…best to check it during installation. Enabling autologin boots you into the Desktop w/o a password login (one less password to deal with!). Astra Linux Common Edition loves the ‘Linux Nanny’ and lots of annoying “Authenticate” popup/s or other ‘Pesky Passwords’.

  • It’s a quick ‘n easy installation…then the GRUB options – I went wid Yes to the MBR:

  • Select the correct target disk to install the GRUB on – went wid the 120 GB SSD at /dev/sda:

It was a easy ‘n fun install…very fast also.


Some Final Thoughts on Astra Linux


There is a Astra Linux Common Edition (Red) ‘n the military Astra Linux Special Edition (Blue). Why not make the Common Edition more “normal people” friendly…dump the annoying “Authenticate” popup/s or other ‘Pesky Passwords’ requirements, or at least offer the option of dumping it. Something like the RHEL’s Fedora ‘n CentOS Stream ‘n AlmaLinux OS do.

Puppy Linux has never required annoying Authenticate popups or the obnoxious ‘Sudo’ junk. As small as Puppy is, it still automates the Nvidia drivers process…older driver, but still officially Nvidia. Best I could tell, Astra didn’t offer proprietary GPU drivers.

One of the reasons I am bringing up the Astra Linux Common Edition (Red) becoming more “normal people” friendly, was the news on All-Russian PCs, for example: Company Reveals All-Russian PCs Using an Arm SoC and LinuxPC maker iRU launches all-Russian systems, featuring SoCs that deliver 2015-era performance.

Google used a Linux-based OS to create two OSes – 1) the mobile dominate Android, and 2) a combination package of Linux-based Chrome OS along with it’s own Chromebook hardware unit.

Valve Corporation recently announced Steam Deck, which is another combination package that includes a Linux-based OS & its own hardware unit.

Point is, I like the idea of an All-Russian PC! If Google ‘n Valve can do it, then ‘Mother’ Russia certainly can, IMHO. Just the right ‘Package Combination’ would do it. BTW, Chromebooks only require a password to login wid, I haven’t seen one requested after that. My Android phone…never asks me for a password, but I don’t do much on it. Passwords ‘n annoying Authenticate popups are a ‘Linux Nanny’ ‘Thang designed for Password Dependent OS users.

Astra Linux Common Edition (Red) OS has a little more work to do, maybe with more of a ‘Specialized’ purpose wid the right focus. I really enjoyed testing it again, without the arse-whipping this time, and wid a lot more positive results!

Will add this post to the Special *PURPOSE* Linuxes & the Puppy Linux – ‘Companion OS for Windows 10‘ pages.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!