Yes, there is a need for *BLOATED* Linux Distros – under the “Girlie” ‘Specialized’ Distro section. Manjaro Cinnamon is a good example of a *BLOATED*Girlie’ Distro:

Put ‘Dat BIG 2.42 GB ‘Girl’ on a strict diet ‘n some Yoga exercise for a year ‘n I bet that 2.42 GBs of bloat drops down to 1 GB or less:

1.74 GBs is “Minimal”?!? Well, maybe ‘She’ cheated a tad on that diet ‘n exercising, huh.  😉

Here’s a Fulltime Root User ‘n music listening ‘n dope smoking SuperfitLady’ w/o any bloat ‘n weighing in @:

988 MBs!!!She’ (4MLinux) totally ignores the annoying “Authenticate” popup/s from the ‘Linux Nanny’!

  • I exchange ‘barbs’ with my favorite blogger (Orca) fairly often.  😎


PUN Aside


Linuxes come in all different sizes ‘n shapes, and some are a lot more user friendly than others, e.g. Manjaro (friendly) ‘n 4MLinux (less friendly) here.

Windows users wouldn’t find any major ‘Specialized’ options being offered by either, tho the 4MLinux (less friendly) advertises the “four Ms” – ‘represent maintenance (as a system rescue live CD), multimedia (for playing video DVDs and other multimedia files), mini-server (using the inetd daemon) and mystery (providing several small Linux games).

However, I don’t believe Windows users would be interested in either as a secondary OS or even a tertiary OS. 4MLinux (less friendly) comes close wid its “four Ms” ‘n Fulltime Root User options, but is still too difficult for Windows users looking to try Linux.

Since I’ve had fun wid this post, will add it to the new Special *PURPOSE* Linuxes page, as an example of having fun wid Linuxes!

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!