During my search for a Backlit wireless Keyboard I came across this one:

Logitech K830 keyboard

As I have mentioned before:

Linux is a keyboard based Operating System (OS), in ‘Linux Speak’ that would be a terminal-centric distro. Basically, in Linux, the Mouse can point & click, but can only scroll about 1.5-2.0 lines per notch of the mouse wheel. In Linux, the keyboard scrolls better than the Mouse can.

However, as I have also mentioned, “Desktop” Linux does pretty good on a laptop since they don’t need a Mouse. Chromebooks have the same Mouse problem/s which may be a reason why Google only offers Chrome OS on Chromebook Laptops and not on desktop PC.

Perhaps those who use “Desktop” Linux as their primary OS should consider switching from the Mouse to a Touchpad/Trackpad? Looks like there is a large selection of them to choose from:

Another problem wid using “Desktop” Linux as a primary OS is its never-ending hardware ‘n software issues, so the Logitech K830 keyboard may not work wid Linux:

I always check system requirements, and noticed Linux isn’t listed as a supported OS on this keyboard. Chrome OS is supported, so Linux is probably supported also.

I refuse to permanently use any Linux Distro that forces the annoying “Authenticate” popup/s or other ‘Pesky Passwords’ on users, but this Logitech K830 keyboard wouldn’t force the user to put down the Mouse and move to a keyboard to punch in a password for ‘Linux Nanny‘, because the user is already at the keyboard.

I am a Fulltime Root User on my own computers – see my Top 4 recommended “Desktop” Linux Distros that offer the user at least a choice. However, I do test plenty of Linux Distros that force the ‘Linux Nanny‘ on “Desktop” Linux users, so I may consider a Keyboard like this one…if the price was lower.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!