Linux is a keyboard based Operating System (OS), in ‘Linux Speak’ that would be a terminal-centric distro. Basically, in Linux, the Mouse can point & click, but can only scroll about 1.5-2.0 lines per notch of the mouse wheel. In Linux, the keyboard scrolls better than the Mouse can.

Have used Linux since 1996 as a secondary OS for testing, as a ‘Portable’ OS installed on a USB, as a ‘Rescue’ OS, as a ‘Hobby’ OS, but it has never made it as my primary Desktop OS. Linus Torvalds said:

“One of the problems Desktop” Linux has is it’s not made for “normal people, and by normal people I mean, obviously nontechnical people…”

“Normal” Desktop OS users want a fully functional Mouse, they want to buy their choice of a printer ‘n then have it work by just plugging it in, etc. and/or buy a computer ‘n have it work without the hardware/software issues that “Desktop” Linux constantly experiences.

Linux is made for technical people who use the keyboard more than a Mouse, e.g. Developers, Programmers, IT Specialists. etc.


My 1st Backlit Keyboard


After starting the Linux Newbie – since 1996 blog, back on January 6, 2019, I have probably used the keyboard more than I did back in my 1992 ‘DOS Days’.

Blog posts require a keyboard, as far as I know, but I am no keyboard expert…far from it, in fact! Up until the past year or so, I’ve only purchased keyboards as the second item in a mouse/keyboard combo package. I have been noticing that the key-lettering on my keyboards have been wearing out, and have replaced the lettering wid those keyboard replacement stick-on ‘Thangs. Microsoft keyboard key-lettering seems to wear out quicker than the Logitech’s do. Have thrown two Microsoft keyboards away over the past two years or less. Due to Linux testing, I have three keyboards at-the-ready, spread out over a 7’ area…only one is used fulltime.

Another problem I’ve had wid keyboards ‘n typing Blog posts over the past couple of years+ is the lighting. Have gone thru a couple lamps trying to get the right light. BB (Before Blog), i.e. this blog, I had a one-foot undercounter fluorescent under my desk (above the sliding keyboard tray) that worked OK, but got in the way after I started this blog. Lamp lighting seemed to be reflecting off the keys, no matter where I placed the lamp or dimmed it. Light reflection seemed even worst on the key replacement stick-on ‘Thangs.

Recently thought about those RGB lights I had been seeing on keyboards, and wondered if such light was available in just one basic colour – I hate RGB hardware, but appreciate what gamers bring to computer technology. Lo ‘n Behold:

Wired and/or Wireless options wid key puller ‘Thingie’:

Well, had no clue what a Backlit keyboard was like or what it did or what all the options were or how much they cost. So I started wid a VELOCIFIRE TKL02WS WIRELESS MK. Backlit keyboards are apparently expensive…this $50 one from Amazon was about the cheapest wireless one I could find. $50 for a keyboard!?!?

As I had searched around for one, I started finding some things that sounded interesting ‘n others confusing, e.g. White LED Backlit instead of flashing RGB ‘Disco’ lighting, Wireless vs Bluetooth options, Brown or Red or ?!? switches, etc. Battery types were another problematic decision to be made by one so inexperienced on the subject as I…$50 for a keyboard!?!?

I really liked the Keychron K8 Tenkeyless Wireless Mechanical Keyboard that I had come across, but they wanted $69.99 plus $20 shipping for it (@ $90 !?!). Later, they kept emailing me that they would give me a 10% discount, which would lower total to about $80 without taxes. The $50 Velocifire had $3.49 in tax and free shipping.

I didn’t even know what a “Tenkeyless” (TKL) keyboard was…heck, I didn’t even know what a 84-key keyboard was!?

The TKL footprint looked interesting, and seemed to have all the keys that I ever used. Still in a learning ‘n testing process right now, but I am probably going to buy another Backlit Wireless or Bluetooth keyboard in the next month or so. Eliminating the need for lamps ‘n such is a major *PLUS* for my keyboard decisions going forward.

The Keychron site has been very informative, and seems to have a better selection of accessories ‘n probably better support ‘n etc. so I may end up back there at some point.

These mechanical keyboards are nosy, from what I am reading, tho the info can be confusing at times, so I am still researching. A Backlit keyboard without the noise would be great. No rush tho…


What I like at this point


  • 1) White LED Backlit.
  • 2) A wireless keyboard with its dongle that is a USB 2.4Ghz receiver. May move to Bluetooth version.
  • 3) Wired ‘n Wireless options. When charging this keyboard works in wired option…it automatically goes back to wireless after charging.
  • 4) When in wireless mode, the lighting goes off if unused for a certain time, and then comes on when you hit a key. Also, the lighting can be turned off with the Fn + down-arrow keys and/or turned on with the Fn + up-arrow keys. The keyboard has an off/on switch on the bottom.
  • 5) Wired USB Type C connection on rear/back of keyboard on this Velocifire…I don’t like that connection on the side which may be a problem wid the Keychron keyboards.
  • 6) Supposedly studier ‘n durable keys that are also replaceable – tho I haven’t tried to pull one off yet to check.  😳


What the Future ‘MiGhT‘ Hold


This VELOCIFIRE TKL02WS WIRELESS MK is louder than I am used to. I’ve had noisy (clicky) keyboards in the past, so I may get used to it again. Are O-rings a solution? Finding a Wireless/Bluetooth Backlit quiet TKL keyboard seems difficult for some reason. Thusly, I will continue using this one whilst also searching for other possible Backlit options. Wired ones seem available, in full sized, but these TKL’ers are sure a nice easy fit on a desk.

Keyboards can be soooooooooooooooo complicated!?  🙄

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!