Always enjoy watching the film – A Walk in the Clouds, so am sorta borrowing that title for this brief post on the Cloud. Keep planning to do something ‘Major’ on “The Cloud,” but I just don’t know that much about it, even tho I have used it, unknowingly still use it, and it is apparently “the Internet.”


Past Cloud Experience


Maybe it is just a kinda Mental Block? I actually tried a Cloud service back around 2011 – it was something that was offered on a 2006 ASUS MoBo from an earlier build…it was part of the BIOS settings (I believe..?), that could be turned on ‘n off from there.

At that time, I was using a Verizon Jetpack 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot 890L on my Verizon wireless account, that was like $80 a month for 10GBs (I now pay $30 a month for 8GBs – for portability ‘n as a backup ISP). Remote area where the other internet options were Dialup or HughesNet. $10 a GB over the first 10GBs that came wid the plan, so I had to watch DATA usage closely.

Had no clue what the “free” ASUS Cloud storage was about, so finally decided to give it a try. Couple of weeks later my DATA usage was ridiculously high!?! Verizon said no one else was using my account. I mentioned that I had recently started using the ASUS Cloud…he asked what my settings were – I said didn’t know. He said it could be that Cloud connection, but that he didn’t know much about the Cloud.

I shut down the ASUS Cloud immediately, my DATA usage dropped back to normal, and I have avoided the Cloud ever since…or, at least I had thought I was avoiding the Cloud.

Am not sure, but I think that ASUS MoBo’s “free” Cloud service was uploading everything I did on that computer, plus probably all the DATA I had. How else was I using so much DATA – so suddenly?!? Anyway, its been 10 years or so ‘n I don’t exactly recall what all had happened, other than a *LOT* of DATA was suddenly being used.

Yes, I believe I have allowed myself to create a Mental Block on the Cloud subject. Lots of people use it…heck, Chromebooks are one of the stablest hardware/software platforms around, and the Cloud is a big part of what they are about…I ‘tHiNk’!?


Unknown Cloud Experience


Anyway, that Walk in ‘Da Cloud has helped me understand a little more about it…I ‘tHiNk’!?  😉

Heck, have apparently been using ‘Da Cloud without even realizing it!?!  My Yahoo email ‘n Gmail accounts are stored somewhere in the Cloud, and I’ve had them for years…probably had that Yahoo addy for 20 years.

What is the cloud?

You may have heard people using terms like the cloud, cloud computing, or cloud storage. But what exactly is the cloud?

Simply put, the cloud is the Internet—more specifically, it’s all of the things you can access remotely over the Internet. When something is in the cloud, it means it’s stored on Internet servers instead of your computer’s hard drive.

Here’s the old version of that:

Yep, everyone who uses the Internet is also using ‘Da Cloud, in one form or another…knowingly or unknowingly.


Time to Test some Free Cloud Services


Best Free Cloud Services For Linux Desktop

Some or maybe all of those can also be used with WIN10. I am testing MEGA free Cloud service now, and haven’t been impressed at all. Yeah, it’s free, but the free version is also slow, or was slow when I tried uploading a 1.5GB folder.

I already save all my DATA to a separate SSD on my main computer, then copy that DATA to 2 other SSD’s not connected to this computer, and also older copies are kept on 2 other computers…plus I keep a fresh portable copy on a SanDisk Extreme® Portable SSD V2.

If that meteorite hits my humble hut then all the DATA and copies of it will be destroyed, and I’ll probably be dead. However, if I’m still alive I might wish that I had saved a copy of the DATA in ‘Da Cloud.

Will the MEGA free Cloud service work wid the Chromebook ‘n CloudReady OSes? Work the same as that Chromebooks paid Cloud service? So far, I haven’t seen any reason to use a Cloud service (free or paid) wid either of those laptops.

May use those laptops as Cloud Service test platforms, but I really don’t do much “Web Apps” or App Stores or Socializing or Syncing all my Devices or whatever else ‘Da Cloud is used for. Haven’t really seen a use for Cloud storage until seeing that GCF article ‘n ‘YouTubies’Understanding the Cloud.




Have you ever gone for a Walk in ‘Da Cloud? Something happens to time whilst you are in it. I went into ‘Da Cloud at 6:15 AM EST on 7/18/2021, walked the entire Cloud, and exited it at 7:58 PM EST on 7/20/2021.

Correction, I had to leave ‘Da Chinese Cloud zone area before walking all of it…they were attempting to kill or capture humble me. Hard to see inside ‘Dat Chinese-controlled Cloud zone, but I didn’t need to see in order to tell that it wasn’t safe to stay in that area any longer.

Yes, you get tired ‘n hungry in ‘Da Cloud after walking it for 2.5 days…no rest or sleep was required. 😉

My previous Mental Block on ‘Da Cloud has gone since my walk; however, I will still maintain caution until after finishing more tests.

I will focus on the Cloud just being a newer type of computer drive, where my web-based activity can be stored. Chromebooks (thru both Chrome OS ‘n CloudReady OS) stores my bookmarks, wallpaper, desktop, apps, settings, etcetera etcetera  etcetera for me already – without paying any fee ‘n I only need to login to access that web-based activity ‘Stuff’. Chromebooks also have “External storage preferences” for SD Cards and/or USBs that can allow full file access to them for Google Play ‘n Chrome OS. My main Chromebook, the 14″ HP Chromebook – model 14a-na0023cl, has the Chrome OS ‘n apps on a 64 GB eMMC drive, and that drive currently has over 45GBs available.

MEGA free Cloud service has just 20GBs available, and I don’t plan on ever getting a Cloud service plan that requires monthly/yearly payments. Heck, just my Linux ISO DATA file is 37.6GBs, so ‘Da Cloud is probably never going to be a storage solution for me. However, I still need to learn more about it, in order to use it to my advantage.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!