Is it a crime to call a woman a “Lady?!” Progressives (AKA Puppets’ of Totalitarianism) are always coming up wid new laws ‘n rules against Mother Nature ‘n even one’s own biological sex. I dunno…?!?

Anyone wanting an OS that provides drivers ‘n firmware for hardware such as printers, scanners, a fully functional Mouse, etc. usually avoid Linux Distros; however, even tho Linux lacks as a reliable fulltime Desktop OS, it offers excellent ‘Specialty’ options, e.g. Portability, Rescue, OS for old computers, Anonymity, Penetration Testing, platform for Developers, and many many more ‘Specialty’ options.

From the ‘Thar She Blows!’ blog, another great post by Becca/Bec/bexlog talking about her experiences wid Linux on old computers. She’s had at least two that I have seen: 1) Sweet Summer Linux GirlAND the latest – 2) Noob Linux Girl.

I always enjoy reading about people’s experiences with building, upgrading, restoring, testing, etc. computers. Looks like Becca/Bec/bexlog (will go wid “bexlog” from this point) has created two Test Computers to use and/or conduct tests on.

‘Lady bexlog’ seems to have just jumped into such interesting tests – even tho “It sounded way too difficult and high tech for a plug and play baby like myself.” 😉  Starting from scratch, no such previous experience, she has demonstrated how easy computers are to work on…even an old 2010 “Sony Vaio” laptop (laptops can be difficult to work on, but not impossible!).


Portability ‘n Rescue

Speaking previously of Linux ‘Specialty’ OSes, two of my favorite specialties are Portability ‘n Rescue. I have stopped using SSD’s and/or HDD’s for my permanent Linux Distros, i.e. I have them installed on USB’s instead. I won’t use a Linux Distro that can’t be installed to a USB drive (or restored to one wid Clonezilla), and then boot up on any computer I plug it into. Puppy Linux, Fedora 33 Cinnamon Spin, AlmaLinux, and CentOS Stream are permanently installed on USB’s. I have a former Chromebook that has been converted into a Linux laptop…it has Fedora 34 Cinnamon Spin installed onto a 64GB Samsung microSDXC Memory Card.

I can bootup most any computer that has a SSD or HDD problem, usually wid my favorite “Rescue” Linux OS, Puppy Linux (or Fedora 33), and check it out for a possible “Rescue” attempt. Maybe that SSD or HDD is beyond booting up anymore, but does it contain DATA that can be recovered (“Rescued”)?

Another good ‘Thang about using Linux installed on USB’s for Portability ‘n Rescue, is the ability to boot them on yore Windows computers w/o interfering wid the Windows OS. Use the Boot Menu key…



Doesn’t hurt to have a secondary OS choice…in fact, I have three OS choices – 1) Windows (primary), then 2) Chrome OS, and then 3) Linux.

Don’t fear yore computer or it’s OS.  😉

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!