Couldn’t wait for Windows 11 to get here, so I signed back in to the Windows Insider Program, to the new Inside Windows 11.

This is going to be the most popular Operating System in the history of Operating Systems…no doubt! Technologically advanced in preparation for the World’s newest move into the rapidly advancing future.

Am testing the Insider Preview for Windows 11 on the InWin test computer as it is the weakest PC I have, and the installation went smooth ‘n easy, tho slow since I am in the middle of Tropical Storm Elsa:

Yes, that’s humble me, soaking wet ‘n waving, near the center of the “Storm” icon.  😉

Updated ‘n then did a backup on InWin, Windows 10 comes wid its own backup ‘n restore app, but will probably leave the Preview on until final WIN11 is released.

Noticed the Linux Fanatical Community literally panicking over this new release, one normally reserved user actually calling Microsoft a ‘Slaver’!?! Same user enslaved himself to the ‘Linux Nanny’ ‘n ‘Her’ annoying “Authenticate” popups some years back.  😉

Linux users have been dreaming of the ‘Year of the Linux Desktop’ since at least 1998 – in an almost yearly religious pilgrimage of sorts. 30 years, the basic Mouse doesn’t work, and forget trying to add a new printer and/or scanner…who in their right mind uses it as their primary desktop OS?!?

Anyway, just a quick post here, as a note of some WIN 11 advanced testing going on here. Want to get the ‘Feel’ since this is a historical move by Microsoft, and what will be a historical Operating System for many types of users. For a first Beta, this WIN11 Preview is incredibly smooth!!!

They have an excellent selection of wallpaper, and I didn’t see any with a Windows 11 logo on them. I checked out about 10 of them…here’s a brief:

Here is the Windows 11 Pro preview info on InWin:

I may start a Windows 11 Page at some point in the future…

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!