Anyone thinking last year was a big sales year for PC‘s is right, but it looks like 2021 is going to be even bigger.

Micron Technology, Inc. (MU) CEO Sanjay Mehrotra presents at JPMorgan 49th Annual Global Technology, Media and Communications Conference

Despite the Global Semiconductor Shortage, the PC Market Continues to Surge with Expected Growth of 18.1% in 2021, According to IDC

Looks like Laptop components are going to “become rarer and more expensive” which will cause more buyers to choose Desktop PC’s instead – “1 Million PCs Sold Every Day”: Desktop PC Market Thriving Despite Tech Shortages:

Laptop component shortage partially to blame

Ironically, a large driving factor behind recent desktop PC sales has been the decline of laptop volume; the IDC notes that while the more technologically advanced components in laptops like CPUs, GPUs and memory are gaining in volume, laptop bottlenecks are arising elsewhere.

This has led the IDC to anticipate a change in the laptop and PC market, where laptop buyers will instead opt to buy desktop PCs, which will become the much more affordable option as laptop components become rarer and more expensive.

Well, am glad I went ahead and purchased that new Chromebook, which was more of a ‘Lucky‘ move on my part than it was a ‘Wise‘ move.

As I mentioned in the ‘great time to buy laptops!’ post, I still believe that from roughly “Memorial Day to possibly July 4th” will be a great time to buy a Laptop, and now, with this news on “laptop components” becoming harder to find ‘n more expensive to buy it may be the last chance to buy a Laptop for awhile – ‘Think GPU’s!

I had been planning a new build/upgrade at some point, but have been holding back because good GPU’s have been difficult to find, even at incredibly high prices. Had set aside some money for a GPU if one ‘Fell‘ my way, but just spend almost half of that on the Chromebook. I may upgrade a case, and maybe a MoBo whilst I wait for components ‘n prices to become more stable.

I’m thinking that Windows 10 ‘n possibly Chromebooks are going to remain beneficiaries of this huge growth during unstable times. May buy a couple more Windows 10 Pro OEM CD-Keys just in case I upgrade another MoBo…

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!