Have been seeing Linux Desktop/Laptop Worldwide user Desktop OS Market Share struggling for over a year now.

March 16, 2020 – Microsoft hits the 1-Billion user mark a little over a year ago (after a slow start), and has now reached 1.3 Billion users! That’s 300,000,000 new users in a year – WOW!!!  Microsoft has Windows 10 working so perfectly now that it is impossible to resist.

Well, not “impossible to resist” since some 21.38% Desktop OS users still cling to Windows 7 (geez – they must have some REALLY OLD computers!?), Mac OS X 10.15 is @ 4.88%, Windows 8.1 still has 2.74% of the Desktop OS Market Share (WIN 8 ‘n 8.1 were the reasons I was sloooooowww to adapt Window 10 – they suked!), Mac OS X 10.14 has 1.72%, and Linux is @ 1.56% of the Worldwide user Desktop OS Market Share.

That’s from 2020-06 to 2021-04. Looks like Windows 7 lost 3.41% of their users since 2019-06 to 2020-05, and they went to Window 10.

  • NOTE: From some of the Linux user’s Blogs I check, a lot of Linux users are having problems with their Distros ‘n a *LOT* of those users are having to find another Distro that will work on their computers.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!