A quick review of another ‘Password Dependent’ Linux Distro where OS users are forced to deal with the annoying “Authenticate” popup or other ‘Pesky Passwords’ requirements.

I couldn’t get the ‘Live’ USB installation media to boot into a desktop of the ‘CM130’ Linux AMD test computer; however, it booted ‘n installed fine on the ‘Rose’ Linux Intel computer.

If you enjoy the ‘Linux Nanny’ protecting you ‘n your *OWN* home computer from all the ‘Meanies’ trying to destroy it, then Calculate Linux might be just right for you…well, if your computer is an Intel computer.

Calculate is a fast and functional user-friendly Linux distribution, based on Gentoo and still backward compatible with it. It maintains an optimal balance between state-of-the-art and stability, providing the latest versions of applications and stable versions of libraries. As Calculate Linux is a rolling-release distribution, you install the system once and update it throughout the life of your hardware.

Calculate Linux offers KDE, Cinnamon, LXQt, MATE and Xfce DE’s .. I went with the cldc-21-x86_64 iso (Cinnamon) and it installed quickly to a 120GB test SSD. During installation it also asks what graphics driver you want to install – offered several choices including the Nouveau and the GeForce drivers for the Nvidia GPU I had. I went with the GeForce driver and it was installed correctly on the installation target SSD.

I’m a Fulltime Linux Root User so Distros that don’t allow me to opt out of annoying GUI “Authenticate” popup/s every time I try to do something on my *OWN* computers get no (or little) respect from me:

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!