Was so excited to see the Fedora 34 announced release yesterday that I accidently lost all 150GB+++ of saved Linux Distro iso’s this morning. Fedora Media Writer is a handy tool but it was murder on my SanDisk Extreme® Portable SSD V2. It saw the Extreme as just another USB device ‘n wiped it clean before I realized what had happened. Had the 16GB USB in the computer also, but Fedora Media Writer wanted to get-ahold-of that ‘Tasty-looking’ Extreme for some reason!?

All those saved iso’s took up too much space on my Main Data disks, so I just moved them to another storage area since they slowed down doing Main Data backups. Besides, I have another older backup with most of the iso’s on it; however, I now have a fast internet provider with unlimited data so having to save old iso’s is useless. I’ll copy some of the folders that were set up, but just delete unneeded old iso’s. Manjaro Architect is a huge iso, and hasn’t been updated for a while…heck, they may have discontinued it since I can’t find it w/ a quick search of their site. Have also saved it to a disk using Clonezilla.

Speaking of Clonezilla, I also used it this morning to do a backup of my main Fedora 33 USB device…in case upgrading it to Fedora 34 was a problem, since I had already found a problem in an earlier test last night.

I had downloaded the Fedora-Cinnamon-Live-x86_64-34-1.2 iso last night and installed it to a 32GB SanDisk USB. Linux is useless to me as a main Desktop OS, even my favorite Fulltime Linux Root User Distros, but their USB portability makes them valuable ‘Specialty’ OSes for me. Installing permanently to a USB is slower than installing to an SSD, but Linux has never been made as a Desktop OS, IMHO.

I wrote about the same issue that I had found last night, in an earlier test of the Beta, Fedora 34 Beta – Workstation for ‘Password Dependent’ OS users vs Cinnamon Spin for Root users, and the same sound issue was in the Beta 34. Here it is:

I could play music in the newly installed Fedora 34 Cinnamon Spin, but the system sounds were missing. No devices listed in the orange highlighted rectangle and the speaker icon highlighted in red circle has a “x” next to it. Look at all the speakers listed in the “Test Sound” popup…I have two cheap computers speakers.

Here’s the same sound info for Fedora 33 in System Settings:

Devices show up…no “x” next to the speaker icon, and there are the two actual speakers that can be tested. Will stick with Fedora 33 until they can fix Fedora 34. The default GNOME Workstation is still just for ‘Password Dependent’ OS users, so I avoid that ‘Linux Nanny’ problem.

Will add this disappointment to the ‘Life wid‘ Fedora page, and start focusing on what the Linux Inquisitors are up to with those two University students ‘n a University assistant professor at the ‘Linux Kernel Inquisition’ hearings…

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!