Have been searching for a replacement of the Microsoft Office Suite ‘n it appears that I have finally been successful! Had tried FreeOffice about 21 months ago – liked it at first then disliked it suddenly, which may have been caused by a .tgz file I had somehow ended up wid.

I’ve done a lot of Open Source testing since January 6, 2019 ‘n often forget at least some of what had happened…fortunately, one of the reasons I started this blog was to have a resource of my testing available. Thusly, this post – ‘Stuck in a Tarball’ – helps remind me of what happened. At that time I had no actual plans to move from my 3 MS Office Home and Student 2007 licenses, but was looking for a free Open Source Office Suite to use in Linux, and that .tgz file yesterday was from those tests.

Its no secret that Linux is a useless Desktop OS, i.e. it is well suited for ‘Specialty’ functions, e.g. server duty, penetration testing, security/anonymity/privacy, portability, developers, old computers, etc. Linux still uses the Tarball (.tgz) which can be a pain to install. Yes, some 1.25-1.55% of Worldwide Desktop OS users are using 1 of the 1000’s of Linux Distros, but usually without a printer, without a fully functional Mouse, spending weeks trying to get their Nvidia GPU to work with their Linux Distro (ending up “typing in 13,056 command lines in Linux terminal” to get it to work), etcetera etcetera etcetera.

That .tgz file almost caused me to skip a 2nd testing of FreeOffice for use in Windows 10…ooops!  😉

During the FreeOffice installation it offered me a choice of what I wanted installed, so I only selected FreeOffice TextMaker (word processor). After testing is done, I may install the full Office Suite version, tho I rarely use other programs in Office Suites; however, that FreeOffice Presentations looks interesting.

The Open Source Community may have never been able to create a real Plug ‘n Play type of Desktop OS, but they have developed lots of other great software, and FreeOffice is 1 example. At this point, there have been no problematic issues with TextMaker. In fact, I like its clean look much better than the MS Office Word 2016:

The MS Office Word 2007 has that clean opening blank look like TextMaker, but the Word 2016 version is just too busy ‘n cluttered looking @ 1st opening for me…tho with a 2nd step of clicking on the “Blank document” choice you get to the clean look.

I just haven’t been happy with the MS Office Word 2016, and so far am planning on using TextMaker as my full-time word processor; however, am still in early testing ‘n I don’t want to ’Jump the Gun’ just yet. Maybe not as good as MS Word, but at this point TextMaker is close enough to what I’m looking for, and there is no hassle of having to reactivate when moving to a new computer build and/or upgrade.


Development of TextMaker started in 1987 under MS-DOS. The program aims at utmost compatibility with Microsoft Word (adding some proprietary features like an object mode for working with frames or a simple built-in database functionality). It reads and writes its own document format (.tmd), Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx), OpenDocument (.odt), Pocket Word (.psw, .pwd), Rich Text Format (.rtf), HTML 4.0 (.htm), and plain text files (.txt). It can also open OpenOffice.org XML (.sxw) files. The standard document format can be .tmd, .docx, .doc, .rtf, or .odt.

I have been testing it hard since yesterday ‘n found it to be very impressive!

As the new Office Suites ‘n Word Processors page reflects, the Open Source Community offer some outstanding Office Suites, and they give great options to Windows 10 home users who have grown tired of what is involved with Microsoft 365.

BTW, a minor problem I had with TextMaker was the steps involved to add a hyperlink/link, i.e. having to highlight text, then open the Format tab ‘n then selecting “Link” ‘n then pasting link into Hyperlink window. I like clicking a mouse button that offers a popup with the hyperlink/link option in it, e.g. in MS Word. Searched for a solution ‘n found –> Ctrl + K keys open the Hyperlink window. Easy enough to do, even tho a 1st for me using keys like that!  😉

Yes, TextMaker has been easy to move around in ‘n to actually use…settings were also easy to do, tho I have probably missed more than a few at this point.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!