I dunno, but my main two computers had been having problems with Google search for over a week now. Then, a couple days ago, I started having problems with the Featured Image in the EasyOS 2.7 – ‘a Distro everyone should try as a Fulltime Linux Root User!’ post. I deleted the first Featured Image ‘n replaced it wid a newly edited version; however, the old deleted image kept showing up in the Waterfox ‘n Firefox browsers, but the newly edited ‘n installed version correctly showed up in Google Chrome ‘n Edge browsers!?! Also, even in the Waterfox WP admin section the Media Library would only accept the old deleted Featured Image!?!? I would try to delete it again, then try to add the newly edited one…which would just revert back to the old deleted one!?!

Long Story so Let’s Begin:

I usually have at least four web browsers installed on my main computers (‘Apevia’ & ‘Antec Jr.’), and it’s not unusual to have at least two to three of ‘em opened.

I use Google Chrome & Waterfox for this Linux Newbie blog…Google Chrome for posting posts & pages, and also for editing. I do a lot of copy ‘n paste, and Google Chrome offers a “Paste as plain text” option that I use a lot when editing or just posting a quick post or page w/o the help of Office Word (BTW, Office 2016 suks when compared to Office 2007!). I use Waterfox for everything else…including some posting at times, but it doesn’t offer a “Paste as plain text” option (neither does Firefox – or if they do I can’t find it).

Firefox has been my main browser for a long long time, and I do most everything on it; however, the Google search problem that I mentioned earlier is about to have me move to another fulltime browser, i.e. move to a new main browser (maybe…). Here’s part of the problem:

I do a lot of searching ‘n research on the internet, and use that “Any time” dropdown menu to tweak the search to Past day, Past week, Past month ‘n Past year. Google Search has been my Default Search Engine ever since Yahoo stopped being offered as a default choice. Hold on…………………………………..more confusion on the way… 😉

  • Well, I went to check on why Yahoo wasn’t a default search option anymore, and ended up finding a Yahoo search addon for Firefox!? GREAT, and for more confusion read – Yahoo! Search. I’ll give it a try until I find a fix for Google search…I ‘tHiNk’?!  😉

Recently, on just two of my computers, the Google Search >>> Tools  would open the “Any time” option, but then the “Any time” dropdown menu wouldn’t drop down!?!

Difficult to explain…I even tried to do a post on it, and also added the Featured Image problem into that post, but ended up just deleting it after posting. Rarely delete posts here, but the difficult-to-explain dilemmas weren’t coming out right on that post. Oh, that deleted post is still showing up in the WordPress Reader. In WordPress, next to the Block Editor, I hate the WordPress Reader ‘n it’s almost a tie. Fact is, WordPress Reader is even slower than the Block Editor – plus some of the formatting disappears in the WordPress Reader for some reason.

Anyway, I’m possibly getting closer to solving the faulty “Any time” dropdown menu in Firefox…it cleared up after clearing browser cache in Waterfox, but am still working on Firefox.

  • Note: it clears up on Firefox after clearing cache, but then returns. I switched to the Firefox ESR version, and same things goes on there.

Today, I cleared both the “Cookie and Site Data” and the “Cached Web Content” in Privacy & Security > Cookies and Site Data > Clear Data Firefox options sections. First time for the “Cookie and Site Data” clearing. I may try clearing History at some point.

Mainly just a novice at web browser maintenance and/or settings…never had any real problems wid Firefox until recently. Appears to maybe be a web site that I visit…maybe even log into. Something like that?! Will probably uninstall the Firefox ESR ‘n go back to the other one (currently 87.0). Ditto on the Hold on………………………………….

Problem Solved?

 Well, I’ve been having more than one problem, but it looks like I possibly just solved my Google Search “Any time” dropdown menu ‘wouldn’t drop down’ problem. All that work and apparently, in Firefox, logging into your Google Account and/or Goggle email causes Google Search’s “Any time” dropdown menu not to drop down!?

Now, this problem only recently started for me, so maybe it’ll go away. I don’t use the Google email account in Firefox much anymore (not since quitting Fantasy Football), so I may just log in ‘n out there until it gets fixed (if it ever does).

On my other computers I don’t usually login on any Google accounts so Firefox was fine on those computers – both WIN10 Pro & Linux Distros. However, when I tested them by logging into Google, they all showed the same Google Search’s “Any time” dropdown menu problem. Sign out ‘n problems goes away.

Waterfox was fine after I cleared the browser cache, and I am still logged into my Linux Newbie Google email account there!? Now, this has been a confusing week, so maybe just the Featured Image was the only problem there and Google Search never was a problem?!?

Anyway, no biggie now, especially after I have forgotten some of what has happened…ooops!  😉

Problem with clearing cache, data, history, etc. is that I have to log in to everything again…on the ‘Apevia’ computer anyway. On the ‘Antec Jr.‘ computer I only needed to logout of Google since the solution was already found.

  • Update Note: Waterfox may never have had that Google Search’s “Any time” dropdown menu problem, i.e. after going over to ‘Antec Jr.‘ I saw Waterfox was fine there, so it was just Firefox ‘n Google!

Another problem during part of these dilemmas is that it has rained harder than a cow peeing on a flat rock the past two days:

Or, in that case, raining harder than a cow peeing on a calf. Heavy rains can knock out wireless and satellite internet connections, so I’ve had in ‘n out connections for a couple days now, which slowed my search down.

Also, during the search for a solution I read where Google was having problems with some of their recent changes ‘n updating. I may move fulltime to Waterfox anyway…maybeThere is no longer a perfect Internet Browser, IMHO!


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