Getting reliable internet in America’s remote areas can be difficult, especially if you want internet with better speeds than a dial-up connection, and HughesNet has helped me out more than once.

Dixie County, Florida is probably the most remote area of America that I have had a permanent address in. In the new ‘WOKE’ America anything or place or person with “Dixie” in it or attached to it best be in a remote area, or else hysterical hordes of mask-wearing progressives would be protesting violently.

In Dixie County, Florida it has pretty much been HughesNet for internet service ‘n Verizon for wireless phone service. However, I did have a Verizon wireless USB modem when I first moved here 12 years ago, and then used a Verizon Jetpack® for a few years. Decent speeds, but expensive if you used much data. Had 2G/3G service when I first moved here, and Verizon is still the only reliable wireless phone service in at least a Tri-County area.

Recently, Verizon started offering LTE Home Internet service in this area ‘n I jumped on it when I saw it included unlimited usage.

It was a little faster than HughesNet right from the beginning, so I called HughesNet to cancel their service. They offered to cut my monthly costs to less than $40 if I stayed with them…told them to make that offer for a full year ‘n I would take it. They did so I ended up with two ISP’s…which has worked out well since I have a bunch of computers going at certain times.

At first, I kept moving the Verizon LTE Home Internet router around trying to find a good spot for it, but the signal always slowed down from around noon until late evening. About the same with HughesNet, tho HughesNet was never as fast as Verizon at its fastest. Verizon’s download speeds were so slow in the evening that I usually had to stop downloading any large files during those times…a few days ago, one Linux ISO was downloading at 80-250 kbps ‘n HughesNet was just as slow in the evening.

Not long before that I had went online to Verizon’s support and checked on how to get better speeds. Not much help there; however, at the end it offered to check my location if I confirmed it, which I did. I mention this, because I’m not sure what caused my connection speeds to become faster yesterday (4/05/2021)!?

  • 1) Verizon’s usual improvements at working to make all signals better.
  • 2) My online check with Verizon’s support ‘n confirming my location during that visit.
  • 3) Moving the LTE Home router to a different location.

My speed had gotten so bad from noon til late evening that I decided to move the Verizon LTE Home Internet router, which is wired to both ‘Antec Jr.’ & ‘Apevia’ main computers. Wanted to get it closer to a window, but not where direct sunlight would hit it, and that would be a southern exposure. My living space is about 320 sq feet, so that 20’ southern facing wall is the busiest area in my ‘tiny‘ house, and it has two side-by-side windows in the center. Lots of hidden cables ‘n wires bundled together ‘n running along the baseboards there, behind a desk, a recliner, and a highly customized computer desk area. A LOT of work involved in moving that router just 7.5 feet!

Ran some speed tests after the move…here they are:


I believe this speed increase may have happened because of at least 2 out of the 3 above mentioned possibilities, but can’t be sure w/o further checking. I had switched over to HughesNet WiFi on Sunday night (4/04/2021) because Verizon had been losing its signal plus was very slow. Next morning I made the move, then tested the speed – Ditto on that WOW!!

Speeds seem to be staying above 30++ Mbps, even during peak-demand hours, and I had downloaded 2-3 Distro ISO’s last night at good download speeds.

Seems the move from a corner to a spot in front of a window helped tremendously; however, that area had been checked when I first got the LTE router back in January this year, and had no such speeds as now. Hold on…

OK…am back. Less work than the 1rst move yesterday, since less unwrapping of cables, and less moving of furniture was needed. Just temporarily unhooked everything ‘n moved the router back to the corner, draping the cables over top of stuff. Tested at 4-7 Mbps there. Then moved everything back ‘n tested in front of window again. 33-42 Mbps in front of the window, so the move (#3 above) was a major factor in improved speeds.

I’ll give it another week before celebrating too much, but this move has been amazing, e.g. every page works better ‘n all browsers have an added ‘snappiness’ to them that I haven’t seen in years. And this has been a super slow time slot @ 4:30 PM EST.

BTW, this is probably my last post using LibreOffice Writer – see Part 2: LibreOffice suks!

Am still pondering an upgrade for this blog…possibly even to the $300 a year Business plan (which I don’t need!).

That should do it for this post ‘n am glad I did a double-check on ‘Da Move… 😉

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!