Why do a majority of Linux Developers Inquisitors force Desktop OS users to use archaic ‘Password Dependent’ Desktop OSes – on their *OWN* home computers?! One of the Top Inquisitors of the Linux Inquisition is Linux Mint’s Grand Inquisitor Clement Lefebvre “Clem” of the Linux Mint project.

“Clem” must’ve been in a good mood that day…else that commenter would’ve received a trip to the Stake ‘n not just a tongue-lashing. Remember what happened to those “two kids playing on their dad’s computer” who embarrassed Clem?!?

I’ve been testing SparkyLinux for a couple days or so…they must hold the Linux record for DE’s offered, Flavors, Kernel versions, old versions, new versions, rescue version, Minimal versions, Multimedia version, Special versions, etc. SparkyLinux download page:

All kinds of SparkyLinux versions ‘n I couldn’t fine just one that offered the option of being the Fulltime Linux Root User on my *OWN* home computers!? Well, on some versions they do offer the option to login as root at the Welcome Screen, but the versions I tested had problems with basic computer speakers and/or my display speakers.

I did a post on SparkyLinux back on 10/07/2020 ‘n discovered that at least the Mate DE offered a root login at the Welcome Screen. Speakers ‘n speaker settings worked fine in the ‘Password Dependent’ User section, but were problematic in the root user section.

SparkyLinux has now added a KDE Plasma DE choice to download, so I tested that this time. It didn’t even offer a root login at the Welcome Screen after installation, so I pulled the SSD and immediately formatted it. I’m a Fulltime Linux Root User on any Linux OS that I use…if they don’t at least offer the root user option then I don’t use it. I will at least check it out if the root user option at login is available…even if it has speaker problems.

Hey, if you fear using your home Desktop OS without a ‘Linux Nanny’ helping to ‘pRoTeCt’ you ‘n ‘It’ from a mean old world then go with a ‘Password Dependent’ Linux OS. However, remember that “particularly nasty security flaw was discovered by two kids playing on their dad’s computer” which ‘Daddy Dearest’ thought was being protected by Linux Mint’s Grand Inquisitor Clement Lefebvre’s infamous ‘Password Dependent’ Desktop OS. Microsoft had to create its own Linux Distro because all the rest were *MAJOR* security risks – see my *Linux Security Issues* page.

KDE Plasma looked good with Sparky, but the annoying “Authenticate” popups require letting go of the mouse just to type a ridiculous password. I understand Linux is a “Terminal-Centric” (keyboard-based) OS that only offers basic Mouse functions, but a little more focus on the mouse for Desktop users might increase the incredibly small ‘n stagnant user base. Fix the 1.5-2 scrolled lines per mouse notch click instead of pestering Desktop users for a password to add an app or open an app or etc.


Sparky Advanced Installer:

Had read that SparkyLinux also offered the Cinnamon DE, but you needed to use the Sparky Advanced Installer ‘n a Minimal ISO which has like 22 DE’s:

Keyboard-based OSes require the use of a keyboard – after I downloaded the sparkylinux-2021.03-x86_64-minimalgui ISO. Also, I prepped the target drive with GParted in Fedora, but the ‘Live’ USB also offers GParted during the installation. I used Universal USB Installer (UUI) to create ‘Live’ USB media.

When you’re all set ‘n booted into the ‘Live’ environment then open a terminal ‘n type – sudo sparky-installer gui

That starts the Graphical Mode, and then later you get to select a DE:

If you got everything right you’ll end with System Settings looking sorta like this:

Easily booted into root at Welcome Screen, and SparkyLinux is easy to move around in with the Cinnamon DE. Speakers ‘n their settings worked fine in the ‘Password Dependent’ user section, but not in the root user section.

FossaPup64 9.5 (AKA Puppy Linux 9.5), Fedora 33 Cinnamon Spin, CentOS Stream, Oracle Linux 8.3, and AlmaLinux 8.3 Beta release all have or offer Fulltime Root User access – and everything works there including the speakers. See Distros w/ *NO* “Authenticate” popup page.

The SparkyLinux sound settings are non-functional in the root section, but the basic USB computer speakers worked when I clicked on a song to play…that doesn’t work with the display speakers (USB speakers also have a audio jack that the display doesn’t havecorrection: ViewSonic VG2439Smh 24″ has one that never got installed!? Karmi *BAD*!!!). Seems like Sparky is getting close to offering a Fulltime Linux Root User option where everything works tho…

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!