After recent posts on Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix ‘n UbuntuDDE Remix I have been extremely impressed by the developers work on them, and how they have presented the actual Cinnamon ‘n Deepin Desktop Environments (DE). I have two new 64GB SanDisk USB drives and one 128GB SanDisk USB drive arriving in a couple of days, and will definitely install UbuntuDDE Remix on one of them.

KaiLikesLinux describes an Ubuntu Remix thusly:

What are Remixes/Flavors?

A remix of Ubuntu is taking Ubuntu itself, and changing it for either a front end look (like Desktop Environments), or adding pre-installed software for a specific use case. We will look into which ones of these exist in a minute.

A flavor of Ubuntu is the same thing, BUT the list of “flavors” is specially curated by Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu itself). To become an official flavor there are rules. Of which mostly include “keep developing it” and “keep with the release cycles” for Desktop. Now the idea behind Ubuntu rules is a tad bit more complicated than that, but if you want to make a remix that aims for official status, then feel free to research that.

KaiLikesLinux is a much better writer ‘n communicator than I am, and places Ubuntu Remixes and Flavors together in a concise description.

According to Jason Evangelho’s article – Meet The New Linux Desktop That Offers A Unique Twist On Ubuntu 19.10Michael Tunnell was the first to dub Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix with the ‘code name’ “CinnaBuntu”.


  • (NOTE: That CinnaBuntu portion starts around 9:36 into the video.)

I am not sure who came up with the ‘code name’ “DeepiBuntu” for the UbuntuDDE Remix.  😉

The idea for this post came after reading Jack M. Germain’s article – How to Buy a Linux-Powered Laptop. Excellent article ‘n maybe the best I’ve read on the subject of trying to buy a Linux laptop…yes, he *NAILS* it! However, I would add that he probably didn’t need to wipe Windows 10 off of it, if he had simply done a full-install of CinnaBuntu to a USB Flash Drive. Still, Jack is basically a fulltime Linux user, so his point of finding a loaded Windows 10 laptop *AND* then installing Linux over it is excellent advice, i.e. instead of paying $1,000-2,000 more dollars for one with Linux installed already.

Here’s what really caught my eye in Jack’s article:

My original buying plan was to purchase a mid-to-high-end configuration with Windows 10 and dual boot with my favorite Linux distro, CinnaBuntu. This distro is based on Ubuntu 2010 and runs the popular Cinnamon desktop, which is not an official choice — yet — of Canonical’s Ubuntu family of Linux desktop options.

Personally, I had never heard of “CinnaBuntu,” but if its Jack’s “favorite Linux distro” I *HAD* to find out what it was! OK…Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix was definitely a pleasure to work with, other than Ubuntu’s usual annoying “Authenticate” popup or other ‘Pesky Passwords’. When it comes to Linux, for the most part, I am a Fulltime Linux Root User! Still, there are times that I want the ease ‘n stability of Ubuntu.

Also, I like Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix a lot more than Linux MintI don’t even bother testing new releases from Linux Mint lately – but Linux Mint is still a decent Distro.

However, what UbuntuDDE has done with the Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE) by bringing the security, stability and reliability that Canonical and the Ubuntu community offers is a major selling point, IMHO. I tried the UbuntuDDE 20.04.1 LTS (Focal Fossa) version this morning, but it still has that old looking Control Center, and I like the new Control Center (available in 20.10 GROOVY GORILLA) much more. That new Control Center is so much easier to work with and move around in.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!