I hate it when a Distro *EATS* my ISP Data whilst taking forever to install, and then has an error popup before finishing that says the installation has failed!? I was trying to install the EndeavourOS Deepin-Desktop (beta v20) on my ‘Apevia’ AMD Ryzen™ Linux test computer the other morning, and also trying to grab some pics with the ‘Live’ USB’s screenshot app which was giving me problems. Took me a couple attempts ‘n reboots to get the Wi-Fi USB adapter to work. Then the first installation attempt was taking forever and the screenshot app seemed to have caused a ‘Freeze’ that required a Hard Reboot. Practiced with the screenshot app and it seemed OK so I started the second installation attempt. Screenshot app wasn’t working right, but the installation didn’t ‘Freeze’ this time; however, after almost 40 minutes of gobbling up ISP Data an error popup came up saying the installation had failed. I tried to grab a pic of the error message, but got another error message saying it wasn’t allowed…I dunno!?!

The evening of 1/2/2021 I had installed EndeavourOS Deepin-Desktop (beta v20) on my main computer ‘Antec Jr.’ (a WIN10 Pro machine only) in a Hyper-V virtual environment and had no problems other than the incredibly long time to install it there. Grabbed lots of pics, and no problems…just a slow installation that ate up well over a GB if ISP Data.

  • A Note here: I have installed an older EndeavourOS ISO on the ‘Apevia’ AMD Ryzen™ computer before without problems – EndeavourOS + Cinnamon DE and made it my #10 Distro in a newly created Honesty category, so I’m not sure why the problems with a newer endeavouros-2020.09.20-x86_64 ISO…I dunno!? Maybe the Deepin-Desktop (beta v20) selection caused the ‘Freeze’ on the first attempt, and then caused the failure error message in the second attempt. I may try it again “Offline” in order to avoid using up another GB++ of ISP Data.

Never mind the Offline attempt – that’s just for the Xfce DE which installs in just a few minutes using either Offline or Online…depending on which install icon/app you select (there are 2 different ways!?). More on that later…

Anyway, after the failed attempt/s at installing EndeavourOS on the ‘Apevia’ AMD computer, I decided to try it on the ‘InWin’ Intel test computer. ONE HOUR ‘n TEN MINUTES later the EndeavourOS Deepin-Desktop (beta v20) installation successfully finished ‘n without any issues other than being a slow install! Speaking of sssllloooooOOW installs:

The pic says – “Please be patient!” at the bottom whilst the Deepin-Desktop (beta v20) installation is gobbling up over a GB of your ISP Data!?! EndeavourOS has never been this slow to install, tho updating any ‘Archie’ can be slow quite often. RebornOS was another recent slow Arch-based install…‘Arch-based Distros are notorious for having buggy ‘n slow mirror sites which is one reason for their extremely small Desktop User Base.’ Maybe the ‘Archie’ mirror sites are getting even slower…I dunno!?

Final Day of testing ‘LiveEndeavourOS ‘n I was starting to think it has issues with AMD hardware, but then remembered how quickly the Grub menu moved on the default selection, and that the selection default choice was different in the Hyper-V virtual environment of ‘Antec Jr.’ computer than the default selections of the ‘Apevia’ AMD and ‘InWin’ Intel computers.

The Grub menu moved almost instantly with the default, so I had to be ready to highlight another choice, which slowed the process down. Also, only pic I could get was in the Hyper-V virtual environment, and the actual default selection there was the 2nd choice listed: “EndeavourOS x86_64 UEFI CD”. Default and/or 2nd choice on the ‘Apevia’ AMD and ‘InWin’ Intel computers was: “Arch Linux install medium (x86_64.UEFI)” or almost like that. Different for some reason. Hey, I’m into gobbling up over 7GB’s of my monthly ISP’s Data plan on these EndeavourOS Deepin-Desktop (beta v20) tests sooooooooooooo excuse me if I got a space or dash wrong!?  😉

Point is, I am running another EndeavourOS Deepin-Desktop (beta v20) installation test on the ‘Apevia’ AMD computer right now – Tick Tock Tick Tock goes ‘da Clock – 1 hour and 16 minutes so far. Slowed the Grub menu down, and had selected that first choice (which is the same for all 3 computers)…the one with “( NVIDIA NONFREE NEW CARDS NON HYBRID )” listed in it.

NOTEwhilst I wait to see if this attempt works: I mentioned earlier about there being at least 2 options for installing EndeavourOS – 1) there is a Welcome v3.4.35-1 greeting at ‘Live‘ startup that is also on the panel when closed.

When that window is closed, the Welcome icon stays on the panel:

When that option is selected, it opens the installer plus a Terminal:

The other option is under System >> the “Install System” icon that links to the “Calamares – System Installer.” It opens the installer without the Terminal…hold on.

Forget the pics for that option, the EndeavourOS Deepin-Desktop (beta v20) new installation attempt just finished – 1 hour and 30 minutes. Will return

Simply not worth the effort, i.e. too much time, energy and ISP Data spent to end up with a default resolution of 1024 x 768. My EndeavourOS + Cinnamon DE earlier (10/19/2020) test went much faster and the correct Nvidia driver was added during the installation process.

I’ll leave EndeavourOS at my #10 Spot because of their honesty about it being a “A terminal-centric distro..” or keyboard-based OS:

However, their Deepin-Desktop (beta v20) desktop version needs more work, IMHO. Yeah, I’ll end this test now and finish up the post…

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!