Am still trying to get a grasp on the Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE), especially after seeing the new Control Center, which is an amazing improvement over the older one, IMHO. As mentioned in a recent update to the DDE series Part 1 post, I had discovered a sound settings problem in the Deepin 20.1 Control Center – see Pic 1 ‘n Pic 2 – where the Output Device seemed ‘Stuck’ on a ‘default’ settings bug. That was discovered in the testing of some other Distros where the sound setting could be changed and/or a Distro already had the correct setting (more on that in other posts later). Deepin 20.1 Linux is the only Distro with that sound problem in the tests so far.

Here’s the new Control Center that I love:

Here it is with full DE desktop view:

Here’s the one I consider the ‘Old’ one, tho am not sure about that:

See how that one is over to the far right side? Am not sure if I can change that view or not, but I have always found that ‘Old’ DDE Control Center to be a pain to work with. The new one is easier to move around in and to also find things, IMHO.

That Dock/Panel has several ways it can be customized, depending on the Distro, but Deepin 20.1 does it like this:

Some Distros mode is changed by left-clicking the mouse (right-clicking in my case) and selecting either Fashion Mode or Efficient Mode. I’ve gone with the Efficient Mode since it is more like WIN10 or Dash to Panel or Cinnamon DE.

Hard to find any info on the Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE) versions or the Control Center versions. I believe that new Control center is dde-control-center version, but am not sure what that ‘Old’ version is yet. It gets dark down in ‘da Linux Rabbit Hole!  😉

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