With over 2000++ Linux Distro variations floating around, you might want to try one of them before trying Openmamba. “Problematic” – from start to finish –  is the best way I can describe my tests of Openmamba Linux.

Am not going into all the problems trying to create a ‘Live’ USB or trying to reboot after a sorta ‘successful‘ installation or of which what ‘n why. Here’s a quick example pic of being both problematic ‘n slow:

Had two sorta ‘successful‘ attempts at installing Openmamba…one on an Intel ‘n other on an AMD machine. Basically the same problems on both, e.g. closing the System Settings brought up “KDE Crash Handler” ‘n trying to update it was painfully slow (18 min on this attempt ‘and still not close). Mentioned the updating problem yesterday in the Karmi’s Daily Blog Log ‘n it wasn’t any better this morning tho I started earlier.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!