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336 posts ‘n it has been *FUN*!!! Comparison yearly chart looks like this:

Will add this post to the Progressions of the Linux Newbie Blog page. My ‘Political Blog’ (The Swamp Hermit’s Report) has been on WordPress since May of 2004, and was on Google Blogger before that. Just checked the stats there, but WordPress only goes to 2008 on the “Insights” area and to 2011 on the “Traffic” chart area so am not sure how accurate it is. Main point is – the ‘Political Blog’ was never close to being *FUN* like the Linux Newbie Blog is ‘n has been! The Abrahamic Religions page was probably the most fun – it was sorta a break from politics, but most previous readers didn’t think so.

Actually, come to think of it, the Linux Newbie – Since 1996 blog didn’t really start being *LOTS* of fun until I finally shutdown the comment section on it, i.e. I had turned comments off ‘n on a couple of times before finally ending them about a year ago. Can’t remember for sure when I added WordPress’s Google Translate widget, but seems like it was around the same time I finally shutdown the comment section, and the final comment shutdown plus adding that widget seems to have gone together, i.e. as in Kindred Spirits. Most of my visitors are not here for chatting, IMHO.

Have learned a lot about Linux over the past 22 months, e.g. Linux is never going to be a popular Desktop OS. Sure, there will be some who swear by it ‘n others who just like to use it as their Desktop OS, but the Linux Desktop user base will stay stuck at around 2%+- of the total Worldwide Desktop OS market share. A majority of Desktop OS users want to be able to buy a printer of their choice and simply plug it in whilst knowing it is going to work. They don’t want to bother transferring their documents to a USB ‘n then carrying that USB to some place that will print it out for them. Same with scanners and/or printer/scanners…plug it in ‘n have it ‘Play’ as in Plug and Play (PnP).

Have had some ‘heated debates’ with radical Linux users over the past 12 months or so, who swear their Distro is the same as Windows 10 when it comes to hardware recognition ‘n PnP. Most fold when I point out that Linux has never even mastered the basic Scroll Wheel Mouse. A basic scroll wheel mouse under Linux can only scroll about 1.5-2 lines per notch click of the wheel. Forget Auto-Scrolling or horizontal scrolling. Linux users who swear by Linux are happy that it ‘points ‘n clicks’ for them, and most are apparently unaware of the scrolling problem.

Another thing that I have learned is that Linux seems to do as well as Windows 10 at using a Touchpad. However, I could be wrong since rarely using a touchpad, and usually end up plugging in a spare wireless mouse if I will be using the laptop very much. Still, if Linux could convince laptop OEM’s to produce more Linux laptops, then that is an area that some Distros do well in. However, laptop OEM’s are not going to be making laptops that work with all 2000+ Linux Distros.

Absolutely love Linux fully installed on a USB, especially if it excels at portability from computer to computer to computer on that same USB! I believe that Puppy Linux may be the best totally portable Linux Distro around…I have never found a computer it wouldn’t work in – old or new. Most scanners and/or printers and/or printer/scanners ain’t gonna work with Puppy, but Puppy is going in ‘n bootup on that computer anyway.

Android ‘n Chrome OS saw the portability (mobile) and laptop potentials of Linux and/or the Linux kernel long before I had even imagined such. Linux has some ‘Big Dog’ OSes with plenty of potential and lots of support (physical ‘n financial), e.g. Ubuntu, Red Hat (Fedora ‘n CentOS), and SUSE (openSUSE). Those three are always planning ahead ‘n contributing to the future, but Linux Distro Desktop OSes start to drop after that, IMHO. Specialty OSes take up the slack after the Top Three, and then Mint, MX, and Manjaro make a ‘blip’ that can’t actually be seen in the 2%+- Linux Desktop user base, but they are there.

Lack of security in Linux – Top to BottomServer to Desktop to Iot to CloudKernel to etc – was something else I learned about Linux. See my *Linux Security Issues* page for more on that subject. Lack of true Linux security basically forced Microsoft to create their own Linux Distro…Azure Sphere OS, Microsoft Azure or whatever it is called, but Microsoft now has its own custom Linux Kernel and/or is now master of its Own Linux Kernel.

One of the most fun ‘n exciting ‘searches’ was for more Fulltime Linux Root User Distros Like Puppy Linux, Distros that avoided forcing users to deal with annoying “Authenticate” popup or other ‘Pesky Passwords’ so often. I was well aware of how pleasant using Puppy Linux without those constant “Authenticate” popups was, but Fedora ‘n CentOS have both renewed my faith in Linux as a Desktop OS. I lack the words to properly describe my feelings for ‘discoveringFedora ‘n CentOS.

Humble me has bashed Linux a lot over the past 22 months of searching, testing, experimenting, observing, learning, documenting, etc. ‘n some of it was correct, some was wrong, and some were just the results of the process/es involved. For example, I have been piddling with Gentoo Linux for a few a few days now, and it could actually be worse at installing than Vanilla Arch, if that is even possible. At least info can be found on how to install Vanilla Arch a lot easier than what I have found with Gentoo Linux and more of it also. Vanilla Arch has easy to follow YouTube videos … easy to use scripts … some automated installers that actually work, but Gentoo installation info is limited, old and doesn’t seem to actually work. I know .. I know, ‘Read the Manual’, but I’d rather pull teeth from a lion’s mouth than read most Linux manuals. Linux manuals are ridiculous, bloated, incoherent, rambling and confusing manuals that only a very few would ever bother reading or attempting to read.

It is Distros like Gentoo Linux ‘n Vanilla Arch Linux that has led me to believe that Linux is basically nothing more than a Toy Desktop OS and/or just a Hobby Desktop OS. Yes, Linux can be a great server ‘n yes, Linux is handy in IoT devices ‘n yes, it has great specialty OSes ‘n yes, it can bring life to old computers (if you’re stuck w/ old technology) ‘n yes, etc; however, a clear majority of Desktop OS users like an easy PnP printer/scanner ‘n a basic Scroll Wheel Mouse that can do more than just ‘point ‘n click’. Linux can’t offer that, and is why they have stayed stuck at around 2%+- of the total Worldwide Desktop market share for decades.

A majority of my readers come from all over the world, probably after running a search for info on a Linux Distro they are thinking about trying. Some of my posts can sit for months with only a few visitors even reading them, which is fine by me, and allows me to post whenever ‘n whatever I feel like. Fun! Definitely, the Progressions of this blog have mainly come about by simply ‘Going wid ‘Da Flow’ of my learning experiences ‘n what looks like *FUN* at that moment! It shall continue thusly…so to speak.