MX Linux is one heck of a flexible Linux Desktop OS! Can be problematic at times, but clearly a Distro with hardworking Developers! Still looking to the future with my WordPress Media Library’s limit, so will use some pics from the August 17, 2020 post – MX Linux part 7: w/ *KDE* it’s Movin’ back into my Top 10!!! This was a brief test whilst I continue looking for Distros w/ *NO* ‘Pesky Passwords’. Humble me is no password dependent Linux User…I am root on all my computers. Again, some of the following pics are from previous posts…one pic is new.

Have been using my old iso’s for my recent search for fulltime Root User Distros as my ISP Data plan for this month doesn’t end until the 19th ‘n new one begins on the 20th of this month. I could add new DATA, but the only thing they throttle is any downloads…besides, going over 80GBs this month was ridiculous, I guess.   😉  I tested both the default Xfce ‘n new MX Linux KDE DE’s I had from 8/17/2020 … and noticed the Root password option during installation:

BTW, uncheck the “Autologin” or you can’t login as root user. Usually, Distros that offer an Administrator account and/or a Root password during installation can login in as root user at the login Welcome screen:

I had tested the new MX KDE MX-19.2_KDE_x64 iso first, but was unable to get the root user logged in at the Welcome screen. Could’ve possibly figured it out, but I waste enough time on Linux as it is. Anyway, MX Linux 19.2 KDE remains @ #7 on my Karmi’s Top 10 Linux Distros page because some people are just ‘Natural Born Password Dependent Linux Users, i.e. those Desktop users deserve to have OSes that require passwords. 😉

Next, I went with the default MX Linux DE, Xfce, which I don’t like to use, but changing to root user at the login Welcome screen worked easily with Xfce.  Easily installed the Nvidia driver for my GeForce GTX 1660 GPU…it was a little older (418.152) than the one in this NVIDIA X Server pic:

If I was going to use MX regularly then I would update that driver. Some Distros are just not ready for fulltime root users, and MX is one of those, i.e. the basic computer speakers wouldn’t work under root. My Top Distros, like FossaPup64 9.5 (AKA Puppy Linux 9.5) ‘n Fedora Cinnamon Spin ‘n CentOS Stream all work great in fulltime root, and so do speakers ‘n such (all ‘Thangs working as they should).

At that point, I went with MX Package Installer (very similar to Synaptic Package Manager, which MX also has) to install the Cinnamon DE. Both MX ‘n Synaptic Package Managers are GUI package managers, so no terminal w/ command lines is needed. More Distros should offer Synaptic Package Manager (or similar like the MX one) since I find it the easiest way to switch DE’s (desktop environments) after installation. Here’s a new pic:

Rebooted to the login Welcome screen, selected the Cinnamon DE option, and logged back in as root. Couldn’t find a way to delete the standard “karmi” user under the Xfce DE, but Cinnamon was easy – bye bye to password dependent “karmi” user! Here’s the new system info w/ new pic from this test:

MX Linux also proves you don’t need the ‘Bleeding Edge’ Linux Kernel, i.e. MX had kernel version 4.19, for a Distro to perform great.

That should do it…will add this post to the MX Linux ‘n to Distros w/ *NO* ‘Pesky Passwords’ pages…