Not hardly the “best Linux OS” – especially when E16 DE feels like you’re in quicksand!? However, another potentially excellent Linux OS for experienced users. Developer/s are onto something a little different than the standard Distro, IMHO. At times, Elive seems to come out with a ‘sortaAI (artificial intelligence) … that you notice?!?

Mentioned that I may reach 70GB’s of DATA use on my ISP provider, HughesNet, the other day; however, I may be over 80GBs already…OOPS! My plan has 10 anytime GBs plus 50 GBs in Bonus time between 2:00 AM EST ‘n 8:00 AM EST. They don’t cut you off, but downloads are throttled. Still, throttling doesn’t seem to slow down any updating or even some installs, so I’ve been using iso’s that I already have, mostly. Did spend an extra $5 on Elive 3.8.17 Beta 64-bit iso the other morning, and that’s the lowest price they offer it for. Many Linux users seem to be Left-wing Progressive leaches that expect everything to be “Free,” IMHO, and many Linux developers are almost forced to ‘Beg’ for financial support. Anyway, I had downloaded the free Elive elive_3.0.6_stable_usb version in March of this year, but since my oldest computer is ‘Antec Sr.’ @ 4 years old that 32-bit version is not for me. My main two Linux Test Machines are still very new…especially ‘Apevia’ the Ryzen™ 9 3900X w/ GeForce GTX 1600 GPU. If a Distro won’t work on ‘Apevia’ I don’t usually review it, any further.

My recent tests involve searching for Linux Distros that offer a fulltime root user and Elive offers an option to login at the welcome screen as root instead of just the standard user created during installation. Like this…

I’ve found it impossible to grab a screenshot of any of my login windows on a Welcome Screen (AKA Greeting Screen) so have grabbed one off the internet and edited it. They all look different, but that one worked for me here. It won’t work if you checked “Automatic Login” during installation, right after you created the standard user. During tests now, if the Distro doesn’t offer an “Administrator” password during installation I stop the install at that point. I have even stopped using Ubuntu LTS altogether, my ‘Former Favorite’ Linux Distro, because they offer no opt out from the annoying Linux ‘Pesky Password’!

Again…I don’t become root to escape the terminal’s password, i.e. one is already at the keyboard if they’re using the terminal, so there is no need to put the mouse down ‘n move to a keyboard. Being root stops the annoying GUI “Authenticate” popup/s.

Anyway, Elive says this version is Beta ‘n unstable ‘n I’ve just grown tired of testing it. Nice Distro for someone who wants to spend time ‘tinkering’ with it, but it has a long way to go before actually competing with Fedora 32 Cinnamon Spin or even FossaPup64 9.5 (AKA Puppy Linux 9.5) or even CentOS Stream.

I never could find any mouse controls on either the ‘Live’ USB or on the final SSD installation…maybe a E16 problem, I dunno, but need to switch my primary mouse button to the right one. Fortunately, when updated Elive has Synaptic Package Manager…probably the easiest package manager to change Desktop Environments (DE). Changed to GNOME DE once under standard user “karmi” but was never able to login as root in the login window after that.

Did a new install, and then logged in as root @ the welcome screen…deleted standard user “karmi” from inside root. Then used Synaptic Package Manager to install the Cinnamon DE from root ‘n rebooted into new login welcome screen. Cinnamon was selected and here is that DE.

It recognized the GeForce GTX 1600 GPU, but I was never able to get the Nvidia driver to install. However, somehow, in that GNOME DE test I had the correct Nvidia Driver installed…? May have used the Proprietary Nvidia Driver choice during the initial ‘Live’ boot up. Anyway, ended up with the NVIDIA Server Settings app, which shows the correct Driver is installed.

That pic is from another post, but that app is what I look for when the Nvidia Driver is actually installed.

Did so many tests of Elive that results get forgotten ‘n such. Interesting Distro tho…will add it to the Distros w/ *NO* ‘Pesky Passwords’ page.