Second try on this Distro. Wrote a post on it, then moved it into the Top 10, and then ended up deleting it. Forget why, but it was back in June of 2020 and I mentioned it in Part V – ‘new Direction/s ‘n more Progression’ post. Probably ended up not being portable because I just found it isn’t…again. Have often said that there are only two things Linux is better at than Windows 10: 1) installing on old computers. 2) portability (move the drive from computer to computer). Well, not all Linux Distros are portable, so I’m back at Linux is only better than Windows 10 when it comes to installing an OS on old computers. Windows 10 is the best OS in the history of OSes, so don’t waste your time trying to install it into a ‘Go-Kart’ – i.e. trying to put Windows 10 into/onto an old computer is akin to putting a 1600 hp Hennessey Twin Turbo V8 Engine into a ‘Go-Kart’…stick Linux in that old computer! Anyway, I won’t use a Distro very long if it isn’t portable, and if it can’t be installed permanently onto a USB.

PCLinuxOS is an excellent Desktop OS, for users who are willing to spend time tinkering w/ it. No ‘Pesky Passwords’ harassing you for a password when you need to go to the restroom (sarc), but you do have to create a user name…just enter “root” at the welcome login screen instead of user name. It installed quickly ‘n easily on the ‘Rose’ (Intel) and ‘Apevia’ Ryzen™ (AMD) Test Computerswith and without an internet connection. After installing it tells you it is finished and that you can reboot, but the reboot never finishes…gets stuck at “INIT:” prompt, so a forced reboot was necessary.

Automatically installed NVIDIA Driver version 450.80.2 for the GeForce GTX 1660, and everything was looking great before ‘n after the update…except no speakers!? Basic computer speakers on both the ‘Rose’ (Intel) and ‘Apevia’ Ryzen™ (AMD) Test Computers but no sound:

Will add PCLinuxOS to the new Distros w/ *NO* ‘Pesky Passwords’ page … BTW, Manjaro-Architect 20.0.3 is also on that page ‘n it also had speaker issues with basic computer speakers. Puppy, Ubuntu LTS, CentOS, Fedora and most of the tested Linux Distros have no speaker problems on either ‘Rose’ (Intel) or the ‘Apevia’ Ryzen™ (AMD) Test Computers. Am still working on that page…

BTW, at the top of that above pic is the Manjaro-Architect 20.0.3 w/o a speaker icon on the panel, and the bottom two parts of the pic are the PCLinuxOS ‘Live’ USB panel in the middle ‘n the same panel after installation. Both PCLinuxOS ‘n Manjaro-Architect 20.0.3 are great Linux Distros, but will need tinkering with if you use them often, IMHO.

PCLinuxOS  comes with a choice of KDE, MATE or XFCE Desktop Environments (DE). Tried KDE first, but KDE is just always too busy for me. Am tired of seeing XFCE so gave the MATE DE a try, and really liked it. I suspect that PCLinuxOS may be geared more towards computers with major sound cards ‘n just forgot about the little basic computer speakers after it was installed…speakers worked in ‘Live’ USB session, as the above middle pic shows.