Testing a lot of Distros this week PureOS to I forget what other failures … mainly AMD compatibility problems and/or ‘Pesky Passwords’ that I hate. Dropped Manjaro-Architect 20.0.3 to #5 on the Karmi’s Top 10 Linux Distros page because it can’t seem to recognize basic computer speakers on the ‘Rose’ (Intel) & ‘Apevia’ (AMD) Linux Test Computers!? Every other OS I use or test recognizes those basic speakers, but not Manjaro. It takes *LOTS* of patience to use a Linux OS, which is one of the reasons Linux Desktop OS worldwide usage share stays stuck around 2% for decades.

Needing *LOTS* of patience to use a Linux Desktop OS may help to explain Jack M. Germain’s recent article – Lack of Qualified Linux Talent Impedes Enterprise Move to the Clouds:

Even in these changing times of shuttered shops and pandemic-driven corporate layoffs, a flood of tech jobs goes unfilled due to a lack of Linux skills among IT workers.

That combination is contributing to a slowdown or delay in enterprise plans to migrate their local computing base to public cloud operations, as an already existing Linux tech pool gap has widened since the pandemic.

Well, Microsoft ‘n Amazon ‘n Canonical (Ubuntu) don’t seem to be waiting around – they already have their cloud based OSes up ‘n running.

Fedora 32 is Distro that fell from favor recently … still working fine on the ‘Rose’ (Intel), but eventually failed on ‘Apevia‘ (AMD) Ryzen™ test machine after one of their rolling release kernel updates. Another Linux problem, i.e. their rolling release Distros can break after getting a new update. Heck, I even had an update problem with ‘my ol faithful‘ long-time favorite Ubuntu LTS when I updated to the 20.04…well, worked fine on ‘Rose’ (Intel) but failed on ‘Apevia’ (AMD). Until they do another update on 20.04 I’m using 18.04.05 – steady as a rock, but has the forced ‘Pesky Passwords’ issue.

Think … Linux Newbie – since 1996 has a meaning.

Anyway, Fedora 33 Beta is out ‘n I’m testing it right away, of course. Love the DE background:

I went with the Cinnamon Spin version…for some reason their default Workstation/Gnome doesn’t give an opt out of the ‘Pesky Passwords’ issue (at least not in the Fedora 32 version). Have high hopes for 33 Beta producing a better final release, since it spotted the GeForce 1660 GPU:

Didn’t recognize the GeForce 1660 in Fedora 32 until I installed the driver. The new Beta is buggy, but that is expected; however, the final Fedora 33 may make it back into my Top 5.

Oh, that background is called “Life is Blue 2,” which also showed up in the Fedora 32 ‘Rose’ (Intel) test machine after I just updated it…can’t seem to find it online yet (?!).