So far, I can still use Classic Editor on my two blogs…The Swamp Hermit’s Report was created in 2004. Have to go thru Dashboard wp-admin to use Classic Editor – to publish new posts and/or to edit one. A pain, but better than dealing with the slowness ‘n newness of Block Editor.

I now have six browsers, after adding Microsoft Edge in order to create a test Blogger blog…Firefox is my main browser, but the others are for testing stuff and/or for other sites that require different passwords than the sites on Firefox use. For example, I use Google Chrome for this Linux Newbie blog ‘n Firefox for The Swamp Hermit’s Report blog so switching passwords to move from blog to blog isn’t necessary. Same with my Fantasy Football leagues, i.e. different browsers for different teams.

Well, besides transferring posts, pages, and media from WordPress to Blogger being a serious pain … I am also not sure that Blogger has any Themes I like!? Blogger also seems very difficult for me to move around in…just testing, of course, but Blogger seems clumsy ‘n lacking a lot of things that I have grown use to in WordPress.

Yea, Blogger ‘Feels‘ terrible so far, and certainly not a blogging platform to move to just because of the Block Editor! Besides, I usually write most of my WordPress posts in Microsoft Office Word (with links just added separately for Classic Editor to use), and only minor changes will be needed to avoid a lot of Block Editor work. Difficult for me to explain…for some reason, but I use Classic as both an HTML ‘n WYSIWYG thru MS Office Word. I will probably just insert pics ‘n hyperlinks directly into Word now, and then copy ‘n paste into Block Editor. The pics will need uploaded to WordPress, but Block Editor makes that part easy by saying you need to do something to get that pic in the post.

Anyway, just testing ‘n I am almost done since Blogger is a lot worse than the Block Editor, for me. LibreOffice didn’t work the same…maybe because I don’t use it much, so will do a few more tests with it; however, MS Office Word seems much better, IMHO (and I have a MS Office 2007 license for three computers). Still I want to learn LibreOffice, to use on computers w/o out Office Word.

This post is a little OT for me, but WordPress seems set on forcing users to eventually accept Block Editor or leave.

QuickPublisher is another possible option I should check, but I don’t believe it will transfer a WP blog to its blog platform. Could copy ‘n paste probably, so may check it out.