With 24,433 downloads this week already, maybe the title should’ve included *Red-Hot*, because this Distro is Movin’ on uP fast on the DistroWatch’s Page Hit Ranking…at #29 this morning and I don’t recall where it was on June 14, 2020 when I wrote the Windowsfx 10.2 (Linuxfx 10) – ‘a smooth downhill path to Linux adoption’? post on it!?

Here is the Windowsfx website Release Notes announcement (in Portuguese) – I used Google Translate:

Windowsfx 10.5 WX Desktop

I am pleased to announce that a new version of Linuxfx is ready for download. Linuxfx 10.5 WX Desktop Version name “Windowsfx” is based on Ubuntu 20.04 + Cinnamon 4.6 with WX Desktop and is full of tools to make the migration from the proprietary platform to the Linux universe completely possible and viable. Older machines should work well on this version of Linuxfx. Linuxfx now has its own compilation of WINE, bringing much more compatibility with games and .exe and .msi applications with just a double click on the executable. OnlyOffice now comes as a standard office package, making it much more familiar to the user. The WX Desktop theme has also been updated, also as a control panel and other native Linuxfx tools.We did a new job on the login screen and on the logout screen to be as compatible as possible. File sharing and the AD network have also been worked on for better compatibility. Learn more about all the changes in the changelog:https://www.linuxfx.org/windowsfx/changelog.txt

Kind regards,

Rafael Rachid – Linuxfx Software

Incredibly impressive in the 10.5 tests! As I have mentioned many times here, I hate the Linux user ‘Pesky Password’ requirements, but Windowsfx 10.5 has added an interesting ‘Twist’ to my requirements for making it into my Top 5more on that later.

Used the ‘Apevia’ Ryzen™ Linux test machine with the GeForce GTX 1660…it has become the main Linux test machine again, since some Distros experience problems with Nvidia GeForce 1660 drivers and I try to make hardware recognition as difficult as I can. I’ve tested versions 10.2, 10.3 and 10.4 previously, and each new version has made some big improvements. Their installer worked better for me this time, and I mainly just went with their default, after checking Erase disk on the Partitions section:

Then under Users, I left the password section blank – which I test Distros for recently to see what they allow:

Windowsfx installer allowed me to move on without entering the ‘Pesky Password’. Will see how that works out.

Installation, with internet ‘n a SSD target disk, took less than 4 minutes.

Newly installed OS booted into the DE with a Display window showing my new MVA panel (VA Panel Technology) 24” ViewSonic. Am not sure why it did that, unless maybe the OS ‘knew’ that another graphics driver would be better (??). I opened the Software & Updates:

It was using the generic Nouveau display driver, but offered a choice of 3 Nvidia drivers. I went with the nvidia-driver-440 since having the most success with it on other Linux Distros. Next…

After installing driver ‘n rebooting the System Information now showed the GeForce GTX 1660 graphics card. Other than the Ubuntu 18.04.5 installing the correct driver *DURING* the ‘Live’ installation process, Windowsfx 10.5 has been easier than other Distros. Fact is, I have re-added the blog’s Tagline: ‘Rule of Thumb – if you can’t install Ubuntu on it, then you can’t install any Linux Distro on it.’ Ubuntu LTS 20.04 GNOME DE may be only version having the GeForce 1660 problems…someone mentioned that possibility to me the other day…also, Mint handled that driver w/o any problems. 20.04 is totally new, with some major changes added, so some early bugs are natural…even for Ubuntu (apparently!?!).

Next…how did Windowsfx handle my leaving that ‘Pesky Password’ section blank during installation:

Well, so far…that Authenticate pop-up shows up, but I don’t have to put the mouse down to type in a ‘Pesky Password’ – I can either hit the Authenticate with mouse button or use opposite hand to just hit enter on the keyboard. That interesting ‘Twist’ will move Windowsfx 10.5 (Linuxfx 10.5) into the #4 spot on Karmi’s Top 10 Linux Distros page…at least temporarily.

Pantum P2500 printer installed w/o any problems, after adding the Ubuntu driver.

Excellent job by the people at Windowsfx 10.5 (Linuxfx 10.5)!!! Have also added this post to the Windowsfx/Linuxfx page.

Rule of Thumb – if you can’t install Ubuntu on it, then you can’t install any Linux Distro on it.