They all have the Linux user ‘Pesky Password’ so will probably never see my Top 3 again unless they decide to make the user ‘Pesky Password’ optional. Anyway…

DistroWatch showed an updated Ubuntu LTS 18.04.5, which allowed me to test Ubuntu LTS 18.04 again (had deleted 18.04.3 after 20.04 came out and couldn’t find it again!?!). 18.04.5 smoked Mint and destroyed Ubuntu 20.04 in the NVIDIA driver tests. In my ‘Linux persistent hardware issues ‘n Fedora 32 Cinnamon is my new #1 Distro’ post I mention the NVIDIA Server Settings app showing up…here is the earlier pic of Fedora’s version:

Apparently, on some Linux Distros that NVIDIA X Server Settings app shows up…on Ubuntu 18.04.5, Mint 20 and Fedora 32 it showed up; however, in CentOS 8 it didn’t. Not much of an app, really. Ubuntu LTS 18.04.5 installed it during installation (internet w/ ‘download update and install 3rd party’ boxes checked) so the GeForce 1660 had the app and correct Nvidia driver when I booted into the newly install DE. Mint saw the correct graphic card ‘n driver after installation ‘n bootup, but couldn’t get the correct driver w/o doing a full OS update; however, after the full update ‘n another reboot, Mint showed the Nvidia 440.100 driver option again, and this time it would install it. Required another reboot, but the NVIDIA X Server Settings app showed up ‘n correct graphics card was listed in System Info:

I don’t know what Canonical and/or the developers did to Ubuntu LTS 20.04 to screw it up, but their screw-up didn’t show up in the new Mint 20, which is based on Ubuntu 20.04. Maybe the Snap Store is a problem? Anyway, I downloaded a new Ubuntu 20.04 ISO this morning, and did a totally new install on the ‘Apevia’ Ryzen™ test machine (w/ GeForce 1660)…after installing, it wouldn’t boot into DE from the login screen. One of several problems I have had with it, which vary on who knows what, is the login screen shows up (even tho I had checked no login password), but doesn’t recognize my password, and won’t let me boot into DE. Pull that same SSD (or USB) from ‘Apevia’ and stick into ‘Rose’ and it reboots into the DE without login ‘n without any problems. Buggy, this is something you don’t normally see in Ubuntu’s LTS version.

Tomorrow morning I will erase my last Ubuntu LTS 20.04 installation (main one on a USB), and then install Ubuntu LTS 18.04.5 on that USB. Canonical will eventually get around to discovering the problem and get it fixed, but I will use 18.04.5 until I’m sure the Nvidia issues are fixed.

Linux Desktop is *FOREVER* stuck back in 1992 with DOS ‘n Windows 3.1 as a keyboard-focused ‘TERMINAL-CENTRIC‘ OS!