The EndeavourOS developers probably say it best:

  • A terminal-centric distro with a dynamic and friendly community in its core
  • Please Note: This release is a work-in-progress, please help us making it stable by reporting bugs.
This Terminal-Centric Distro is a Work-in-Progress

Guess we can add “work-in-progress” to the “unstable” definition of what to expect from a rolling release Distro … oh, and also to the “Bleeding Edge” definition.

I was going to skip doing an update on this boring Linux Distro, even tho it is their “First Anniversary” release, but then noticed This:

Package cleanup configuration – A handy tool to set the system to clean up the paccache history of installed packages and reduce it to the last three versions of each installed package after an update. This prevents your root partition from getting clogged up with packages you don’t need.

Trying to get the truth about Linux Distros can be a daunting task at times, i.e. most Linux users like to pretend that their Distro is ‘the best OS ever!’ They forget to mention that the mouse is almost useless beyond simple mouse-basics in Linux, i.e. having a pointer that can move ‘n click on stuff ‘n a wheel that can scroll about 1.5 lines per-notch … they also forget to mention about trying to find hardware – like a printer – that would work w/ their ‘Beloved’ Distro, etc. Clogged disks are another thing that Linux users either ignore ‘r lie about ‘r just don’t know about. WIN10 has Disk Cleanup, Error checking (AKA Check Disk – which Linux also has), and Optimize and defragment drive tools to keep drives from becoming clogged with old ‘n useless junk ‘n stuff. BTW, most Windows users don’t know about disk check & defragmenting either…not doing it can slow a drive down to a crawl.

Anyway, EndeavourOS developers are at least acknowledging that old stuff can build up and clog up the root partition. I suspect that disk clogging is another problem with rolling releases, so this tool will be interesting to watch.

This release seems to be an improvement since my last review on 5/8/2020 – EndeavourOS “DOS” Linux = ‘A TERMINAL-CENTRIC DISTRO’. Still proud to be primarily a keyboard focused OS, but some hardware recognition has improved a lot, e.g. this time it automatically recognized my Wi-Fi internet connection and only needed the security code to connect.

Anyway, another ‘Archie’ that is still stuck in the ole DOS days

Rule of Thumb – if you can’t install Ubuntu on it, then you can’t install any Linux Distro on it.