Samsung’s FIT Plus USB 3.1 Flash Drive 128GB arrived the other day ‘n have been giving it a thorough testing. I use one of the Sabrent 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub with Individual LED Power Switches to plug these small Linux OS USB’s into, which makes it easier than pulling them out ‘n putting another one in, i.e. just turn the switch on for the OS you want to use or test. This CentOS 8.2.2004 is working out so well that I just ordered a SanDisk 128GB Ultra CZ48 USB 3.0, which is easier to plug-in ‘n unplug for full portability to all my machines. Just a great OS that is rapidly becoming a favorite.

Mainly, this post is a follow-up to CentOS 8.2.2004 – Enterprise Class OS w/ no forced ‘Pesky’ Passwords!!! post. Some updates also.

Had to change my Karmi’s Top 10 Linux Distros rankings – moved CentOS up a tad since it easily passed all these portability tests on the 128 GB USB. The 3 Distros in that second tier are all so close that I added in an ‘a – b – c’ ranking for them. Looks like this:

1. Ubuntu LTS (has *NO* competition for Top Category of Desktop Duty)

2a. CentOS (offers an option to opt out of the Linux ‘Pesky‘ Passwords, which earns CentOS the Top Portable Enterprise Class Operating System & Rescue!!!  128 GB Samsung USB Portability and ease of adding software graphically wins the 2a spot. Choice was so close my rankings had to change!)
2b. Fedora SPINS (by offering an option to opt out of ‘Pesky‘ Passwords Fedora 32 wins the Top Portability & Rescue category!!! Dnfdragora does a *HORRIBLE* impression of Synaptic Package Manager…incredibly slow and intrusive!)
2cBionicPup (absolutely *BEST* @ Rescue, e.g. just repaired a Clonezilla problem when others wouldn’t. Am moving it back up. No ‘Pesky‘ Passwords in Puppy! Portability & Rescue category. If Puppy ever added a GNOME or Cinnamon Desktop Environment (DE) it would probably be #1 in the Desktop Duty category ‘n #1 in the Portability & Rescue category, i.e. I probably wouldn’t need a Top 10 list!)


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A 64 GB USB would’ve probably worked, but I didn’t try since the prep tests were being done on a 120 GB SSD, an image was then saved using Clonezillaoh, that new Ubuntu-based alternative stable – 20200703-focal is very fast at both saving ‘n restoring – and then I restored it to an older 128 GB test SSD. Thusly, I was also planning to test restoring that 120 GB SSD image to the 128 GB USB, especially since I had tweaked settings, added apps ‘n extensions, updated it, etc. already. I try to save images of a smaller 120GB OS drive, so I don’t run into problems later when restoring to a 128+ GB drive – i.e. not all 120GBs are the same size.

I first did a normal install using the 16GB USB Install image…not ‘Live’ testing, it’s just an installer ISO that you download, and installed in less than 8 minutes on the 128GB USB (very fast for USB installation). No problems – everything worked great, so I deleted ‘n reformatted. Then restored that 120GB SSD image to the new 128GB USB drive… all setting were the same, app ‘n extensions all there and took less than 5 minutes.

Next, I took out an old SATA lll (aka 6) 500GB HDD, partitioned it into a Ubuntu, CentOS & Fedora partition that was formatted ext4. Have had problems with Clonezilla when mixing up different formatted partitions, so this one is just for permanent Linux OSes. Did backup images of all, then restored them all to double-check. Everything working fine, so deleted ‘n reformatted the 2 testing SSDs.

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