Main problem that I have always had with GNOME is that durn Power Off button always stuck on the right side!? Even when adding Gnome Extensions like Dash to Panel that Power Off button stayed on the bottom right side … well, unless you wanted the whole Panel positioned on the left side, which then messed up the Date & Time view (destroyed that view, actually).

I liked Ubuntu LTS’ GNOME enough that I would install the KShutdown button, but it was only a Band-Aid solution that caused me problems being located next to Firefox icon (both round and orange) when the dock was on the left side (wouldn’t use Dash to Panel extension because of my Power Off button issue).

Then this morning, on a daily visit to OMG! Ubuntu! I saw this article – Arc Menu 47 Released with New Layout, Other Improvements. Clicked on my Firefox Toolbar’s Gnome Shell extensions icon & promptly added the Arc Menu (after following instructions). Perfect!!!

(EDIT: That closeup view didn’t show right on Frontpage, so am switching pics here.)

Full DE view:

p off

Here’s a closeup view:


That little round button highlighted with red-rectangle.

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