Just creating this post to bring attention to the new Gadgets ‘n TidBits Page (had the old link there – now corrected w/ simple copy & paste in block editor) I have started (Pages are to the right of Posts). I wanted an area to  incorporate old pics from Media Library, but also wanted more ‘compaction‘ than I use or need for regular posts. Am not a ‘read the manual type of feller‘ so I also needed to check out the new Gutenberg block editortHiNgIe‘ I’ve been reading about. Renard’s World had another interesting post up recently & my focus fell on the – 3.) People Are Still Complaining About The Rollout Of The Block Editor part. Things just started coming together…so to speak of such ‘Thangs.

Deleted the former page at this spot, and will try something else. I am currently using 171.2 MB out of 3.0 GB of the WordPress allotted Media Library space (deleted almost 200 MB of old pics recently!), but try to plan ahead in order to not run out of the free space WordPress graciously gives. Have wanted to find a way to use some of the old pics in order not to be wasteful of Media Library space. Will also be testing their new block editor here…have set up a temporary Test Blog to help me learn this new ‘tHiNgIe‘ (if WordPress doesn’t like it the can shut it down or tell me to – its private and will be deleted/removed after my tests), and after testing there I will move to this page to try it out. They call it –  Gutenberg block editor.