Looking good! Next, we need to get main Computer ‘Antec Jr.’ to see that “Share” folder on the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS machine (‘Apevia’ & ‘InWin’ are both involved in these tests).

Step 2: Enable sharing on Windows … I used “This PC” but am going to use their pic. Looks like – ‘On Windows, right click on “This PC” or “My Computer”, and select “Add a new connection”.’

The WIN10 Wizard comes up…hit next:

Where do you want the location of network … hit next:

Now we need to specify an internet address:

OK … it might get a little difficult here, so remember to keep double-checking the ‘Share Folders on Local Network Between Ubuntu and Windows’ article to make sure. Hey, if I screw up, I have a freshly created backup image in case restoring is needed…do you? We have some minor command prompt needed on one of the Ubuntu machines, for the IP address of Linux machine (unless you know what yours is 🙂 ). Open that Ubuntu command prompt and type: ip a … and then hit enter.

See the two areas highlighted in a yellow rectangle…that top yellow rectangle is where we typed in – ip a – and that bottom yellow rectangle is the ip address for that Linux computer. IP address is so we will use that to type the following:

As you type, the WIN10 machine will begin to ‘see’ it – you have typed \\\Share as the address so hit next:

What do you want to name the location? I have no clue, so went with the WIN10 default name – Share ( (ubu server (Samba, Ubuntu))) – which works great for me, and is easy!

Great … its worked twice ‘n hooray!! WIN10 sees both Ubuntu machines and their network locations only differ with the last three numbers of their IP addresses. Easy, huh!

Here I’ll move some files and folders from “Computers – TV” folder to the new “Share ( (ubu server (Samba, Ubuntu)))” folder on the WIN10 machine…

OK…here they are on Ubuntu 193.

Definitely not as fast as moving large folders on SSD’s to another machine using Hot Swap SATA Bays, but maybe handy at sending files or small folders. I may leave it set up, but will probably just restore back to the way it was. These slow transfer speeds are probably why I stopped networking here at home. I keep a 62 GB USB data drive with what I need between computers…update the Bookmarks regularly, and the Pantum printer drivers only work on Ubuntu or some Ubuntu-based OSes. Still, I have them setup already, and just may test it some more tomorrow.

Looks like I’ll need to fully install Samba server on Ubuntu if I want to get serious about sharing files ‘n folders on a local network…sounds like a handy cross platform software, but apparently needs command prompt work to install it. Will need to research more on that; however, this was a easy method to setup some file sharing between WIN10 & Ubuntu.

Rule of Thumb – if you can’t install Ubuntu on it, then you can’t install any Linux Distro on it.