The ‘Ole Pirate’ Neil, of Neil’s Thoughts, has got me thinking about sharing my Main Data files ‘n folders that are located in my main computer ‘Antec Jr.’ with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. I used to keep a Local Network going for the Windows machines (dating back to 2007 & Vista), but stopped 3-4 years ago as I started testing Windows 10. Didn’t like much about it back then, but still kept occasionally checking it out until moving to it totally last year. 2009 involved moving to an area that offered Dialup connection or HughesNet satellite or Verizon wireless (it was a wireless Verizon Wireless Pantech USB). Since 2008 involved looking for a place to move to I had signed on with the Verizon wireless ‘n portable internet. Linux had no clue what a wireless USB adapter was back then, and *ABSOLUTELY* no clue what a Wireless USB Modem was…heck, Linux still doesn’t know what the auto-scroll function on a basic Wheel Mouse is!?!

Anyway, having a Local Network sorta fell off to the side with the new 2016 computer build…things were faster ‘n components were offering all kinds of options like Hot Swap SATA HDD Bays and/or USB Docking Stations, etc. Pulling a data drive out of a Hot Swap SATA Bay and plugging it into the Hot Swap SATA Bay on another computer was easy and fast. Had finally found a wireless USB adapter in 2016 that worked with Linux (Ubuntu mainly), and it worked well with the new Verizon Jetpack; however, WIN7 and Ubuntu couldn’t share a network, so Hot Swap SATA Bay’s were great! ‘Ole Pirate’ and I have briefly touched on transferring and/or saving files ‘n folders for awhile now…he had/has something like a 2 TB drive going bad (another went bad in 2017??) and was trying to save the data. We talked about faster ways to backup yore backup ‘n such. Then he starting posting about Linux Mint’s Warpinator and I gave it a try yesterday…then posted about it Here. Had already been looking for ways to share folders ‘n files between WIN10 ‘n Linux, but seeing Warpinator got me wanting to find something that would be easy to set up.

That pic came from Here; however, even tho the pic is nice I could not get their suggestions to work, and it also involved the durn command prompt (certainly not easy!). Have been looking for ‘n testing ways to share at least a folder between WIN10 ‘n Linux, but none were really working, and none were easy to set up! I do a full system image backup on WIN10 before doing any such tests, and with the recent failure rates have had to do a full system restore 4-5 times over the past week or so. Only takes a few minutes to do the image backup, and even less time to restore so it isn’t really a biggie…just a great tool to use whilst conducting tests on yore *MAIN* computer!!!

Today, I found one that actually worked…did it a little wrong in Ubuntu, but I could see that this was going to probably work! Thusly, I started over in WIN10 by doing a complete system restore from the backup image made at 5:18 PM EST today (6/29/20)…then removed sharing ‘n permission settings from the folders in Ubuntu, and deleted one of them.  What I needed to do in Ubuntu was to create a “Share” folder in Home  >  Documents. I had tried to share the actual Documents folders, but that didn’t work, and I also found another folder inside it – “user=Everyone” which was from a previous failure (involving command prompt), so I deleted that folder and started over by creating “Share” in Home  >  Documents. Simple to do, just open Documents  >  click mouse button  >  select “New Folder”   >  then type in Share for the folder’s name  >  then select “Create”.  Now, let’s move to ‘Share Folders on Local Network Between Ubuntu and Windows’ article.

Make sure you have created that “Share” folder first … now; I used the ‘Method 1. Share folders on local network without password’ from that It’s Foss article. They have named their folder inside the Documents the “Share Test Folder” but ignore that name – we are working with the “Share” folder in this post, but I need to use some of their pics (I am unable to take some of those shots).

Note how that newly created “Share” folder looks now – later it will look different.

To share a folder on the local network in Ubuntu, right click on the desired folder and select Local Network Share:

Home  >  Documents  >  Share  >  right click Share folder  >  select Local Network Share. Simple! Next a popup Folder Sharing:

Check the Share this Folder box…if you don’t have a “Sharing service” (e.g. Samba) then Ubuntu will let you know…like this:

Don’t worry about it…I had no clue either, but I do trust Ubuntu! It would’ve never popped up if I had know what a “Sharing Service” was!  😉  Hit Install service ‘n you get another popup:

Hell yes, install that rascal!!! Gotta *LOVE* Ubuntu LTS stability, reliability ‘n all around knowledgeability (that’s ‘Know How‘ down South here). Another easy popup:

Imagine having to use a command prompt in order to download ‘sOmEtHiNg‘ called “python3-samba” so changes can be applied!!?!! Here, we’re just following easy instructional popups. It finishes ‘n this comes up next:

Good ‘thang I just deleted almost 200 MBs of old pics the other day…trying to plan 30 years ahead for this blog…so to speak whilst smiling. I have checked 3 boxes, because I wanted to make sure! Double-check shows our newly created Share name: is correct. Yep, looking good! OOOP! Another popup:

Nautilus needs to add permissions for the new “Share” folder, and I have no clue how, will gladly let Nautilus do it automatically for humble me!

10 share is shared

Note: Mentioned earlier that the “Share” folder would be changed, and now it has that little green circle looking ‘tHiNgIe‘ on it … Houston, we have newly created shared folder waiting to be shared with you!

This has a lots of pics ‘n is getting long. I best make it a Part 1 since this has covered Method 1. Share folders on local network without password and I have at least another long part coming.

Rule of Thumb – if you can’t install Ubuntu on it, then you can’t install any Linux Distro on it.