I use Firefox as my main browser, but also have TOR, Chrome & Chromium (my #2 browser) installed; however, Google Chrome may be on its way out, i.e. I like Chromium Mo’. Test 2-3 new ones every year or so.

Joey Sneddon of OMG! Ubuntu! had this article up – The Vivaldi Browser Now Has a Built in, Er, Word Processor?! and sounded good enough to give it a try.

The Vivaldi browser impressed me enough that I added it to the Start Menu…making it to the Taskbar may never happen, unless it can replace Chromium as my #2 browser (which is certainly possible!).

Durn thing is so customizable that it can’t help impressing you … have only briefly checked it out ‘n there are some minor things I didn’t like. I sorta like the way it does away with that aggravating Chrome/Chromium “bookmarks bar” and yet leaves you with something that works pretty good. You can add the “bookmarks bar” if you like it. Here’s a pic:

That little bookmark flag/ribbon ‘thingie’ in upper left corner – highlighted in green-rectangle with green-arrow pointing to it. Click on that and you get this:

I don’t think Chrome/Chromium gives you that nice opt-out-option from “bookmarks bar”?! Anyway, fuk that “bookmarks bar”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, I never liked my browsers in full-screen mode, but Vivaldi is very impressive in full-screen and handles it exceptionally.

Move over Chrome/Chromium … ‘thars a new browser in town!