I have a big computer desk…an old 3-tier w/ a bottom shelf that’s like 45” ( W ) x 30” (D) x 40” (H) and can’t fit 3 computer monitors on it comfortably. Tried a 32” TV on the back tier of the desk, but it was too high and took up too much space. Old 2009 21” Dell monitor made everything crowded on the desk with the other 2 monitors…even tried it on a temporary sliding countertop that can attach to the computer desk – See: 2 Mid Towers – 1 ‘Test Bench’ – Cube case plus 2 monitors, router, modem, 3 sets of combo wireless keyboard/mouse, printer & Misc ‘Stuff’ post for pics of desktop and area. More pics in THIS post. Nothing worked … too far away, too high and/or just too crowded. Oh, I live in a small cabin in a living space sorta on the design of a cross between an efficiency apartment and a Tiny House. 600 sq feet under roof, but the finished living space is just less than 320 sq feet. Now, I want to add a recliner chair into that space…lots of space-adjusting is needed, but a 39” wide recliner can be squeezed into my living area. Basically want it for 2-3 hours of TV (just DVD/Blu-ray stuff!!!), then slide it back to an out of the way corner when done. Had to squeeze some computers closer together, and move ‘InWin’ to a spot ‘under a small back shelf on the desk’ but a little over 39” of space was made available for a recliner to stay out of the way until needed (probably put it on a rug or carpet remnant for easier sliding across the tile). EnterDrive Medical Non Tilt Top Overbed Table:


More than I wanted to pay for a ‘Monitor Stand’ ($47 w/ shipping & taxes), but this thing works great! I can raise it ‘n lower it as needed. It slides out of the way easily, and also slides easily into an ‘L-shape’ with my desk when needed – perfect! Easy to move, to view the monitor, and even offers additional space for keyboards ‘n mouses. Will eventually add a light-weight ‘Shelf’ on that wheel area at the bottom (more space is always great!)…probably something like ¼” plywood & custom fit it w/o damaging new ‘Monitor Stand’ strength ‘n stability. Have a HDMI-hub attached to the monitor so I can attach ‘InWin’ + ‘Rose’ + ‘Antec Sr.’ to it for sharing. Monitor problem solved!!!

Also, since moving primarily to USB’s for Linux Distro installations (I have stopped using SSD’s for Linux) I needed a way to identify the USB. I have two very small trays for unused USB’s (use those for creating ‘Live’ USB’s and/or quick data needs), but 4-7 USB’s that needed some kind of identifying:

A little bigger than I wanted, but with that split-ring I like, and the price was right @ 50 of ‘em for $6.79 (free shipping). Some other tag could be added to the split-ring for a smaller footprint, but I haven’t found that necessary.