Windows 7 End of Life support clearly hasn’t helped the Linux Desktop OS … WIN7 support ended on 01/14/2020 and the ‘Downward Trend’ of the Linux Desktop OS market share continues, especially if some 90 days of DistroWatch data is even close.

Lots of red indicators pointing downward – for 3 months, last 30 days, and even the past 7 days.

Not even the Chinese Coronavirus & Totalitarian type of Government lockdowns have helped the Linux Desktop OS market share (I believe Ubuntu’s jump was going to happen with or without outside factors). Maybe those 0-65% filtering fashion/dust/political statement masks are distracting potential users from Linux? Like, maybe people are too afraid of getting caught not wearing those phony masks, but who really knows what the Linux downward trend is about.

Anyway, it’s part of the reason why I’ve been a ‘LINUX NEWBIE – SINCE 1996’ … sorta, and even the actual Linux Desktop OS user base has never been that impressed with the Linux Desktop OS output either, hence over 2000+ Linux Distros.

Rule of Thumb – if you can’t install Ubuntu on it, then you can’t install any Linux Distro on it.