Whilst waiting on more USB’s to arrive I have kept myself very busy, e.g. I re-swapped processors from computer ‘Rose‘ and ‘InWin‘ last night. ‘InWin’ now has its original Intel i3-8100 back in and ‘Rose’ gets the Celeron G4900 back. ‘Antec Sr.‘ got moved across the room next to ‘Rose’ … MoBo is 4 years old and doesn’t really fit in with what I need for testing, e.g. lots of USB testing right now, and needed a quick ‘n easy accessed computer with more 3.0 ports. I can slide ‘InWin’ in and out from under a small back shelf on the desk, and not have to reach under the desk (sometimes down on knees to get to back of ‘Antec Sr.’ ). Welcome back ‘InWin’!

Even the poor in America can afford riding lawn mowers if they have a pretty big yard…if no yard, we buy expensive shoes instead. Anyway, I’ve been dreading the blade changing for some weeks, and whilst mowing yesterday noticed the blades were not cutting level  when they were cutting at all. Got this mower last year, so have never changed the blades on it…the task turned out even worse than I had imagined. Tractor, deck and blades kicked my buttocks all morning – GEEEZ! First, had to disconnect the deck, then pull it out, and then remove the old blades. Kicked my buttocks all morning! Blade retainer nuts were frozen on, and I was never going to be able to remove them myself. Didn’t have the new blades yet, so loaded the deck into the back of pickup, and went to some shop hoping they could do it or knew someone who could.

My luck was changing, they said they could remove the retainer nuts, and might even have new blades for my brand. Yep, they had the old blades off and new blades on in about 10 minutes! All I had to do was attach the deck back to tractor, and then test that everything was working right again. Actually cutting grass again…hooray!!!

I’m finding a lot of interesting stuff on and about USB’s so am anxious for more to arrive so more testing can begin again…may move Linux to USB’s if these tests work out.