Time to open America back up so President Trump can start restoring the economy. Time to put a stop to the Democratic Party’s weaponizing of the Chinese Coronavirus in their attempt to keep the Lockdowns in place!

The Swamp Hermit's Report

Yes, China is a major player in the worldwide Leftist groups, and works hand-in-hand with America’s Democratic Party. China had worked closely with former president Obama and his vice president Biden in an effort to turn America into the equivalent of a ‘Third World Nation’ whilst lining the pockets of Obama and Biden with Chinese bribes. Anyone not realizing that Obama was a Communist needs to study up on what schools his maternal grandparents had sent his mother to, and to also read up on an early mentor of Obama, Frank Marshall Davis.

Obama and his administration had almost succeeded in their attempt at turning America into a ‘Third World Nation’, but time ran out. At this point, Hillary Clinton became the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) choice to replace Obama as President of the United States of America. The polls showed she would win easily, so the corrupt DNC…

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