No Linux, but ‘A little of this and a dash of that’ plus some helpful links & a video on the Chinese Coronavirus.


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A little of this and a dash of that – First, to the people of China … it’s time to overthrow that Totalitarian Communist regime in China, and take back your freedoms and individuality. The majority of you are nothing more than slaves and/or Cannon fodder for that Communist regime. Here’s a new link for y’all to spread around … CDPC (The Committee on the Present Danger: China).

Our World in Data is another link I discovered today … I’m done with the UN and WHO, both of which have become nothing but Chinese puppets, and WHO is responsible for thousands of recent worldwide deaths from the Chinese Coronavirus; however, am finding a lot of their data to be useful. Here’s an interesting video from them about the COVID-19 pandemic:

There were five forms of governance that migrated from theory to reality in the 20th Century: Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Nazism…

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