Like I said in Interesting take – ‘Evidence over hysteria — COVID-19‘ and Idiots React to the Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus reblogs, I try not to bring politics to this Linux Newbie blog, but will occasionally when it involves Chinese Coronavirus. I may add a page for this posts…especially since I have a steady growing number of foreign readers.


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To the Chinese People – your Totalitarian Communist Gov’t has been lying to the world, and they have been lying to you. Dump them, and Americans will help you gain freedom and food for survival. Don’t let your Gov’t turn China into another North Korea!

Reports: Coronavirus Panic-Buying Sweeps China as Locals Refuse to Believe Communist Party

Panic-buying has erupted across China amid fears of a food shortage due to the Wuhan coronavirus, reports stated on Thursday, indicating that Chinese citizens are ignoring the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) statements urging people not to stockpile food.

Panic-Buying Erupts Across China, Prompting Food Shortage Concerns

In multiple cities across China, locals have emptied store shelves, stockpiling rice and cooking oil as fears of food shortages accelerate.

Mr. Li, a resident of Ezhou, a city in Hubei Province, told the Chinese-language Epoch Times that locals have been rushing to buy rice for the…

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