Some people can’t seem to understand or accept a new icon being introduced by the Ubuntu 20.04 (daily build) … here’s Joey Sneddon’s article that seems to have started the ‘iSsUe‘: Is it Just Me or is Ubuntu’s New Install Icon a Bit …Ambiguous?

Seriously, some people can’t figure out what this icon is for:

Maybe the problem is because it is in English? It clearly states “Install Ubuntu 20.04 LTS” so English seems to be the problem.

It’s also in the Favorites bar (dock):

When you scroll over it there, a popup shows up on the right of it that says: “Install Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.” Again, its in English, so maybe that is the problem?!?

*UPDATE* – here’s the old icon, without the “Install Ubuntu 20.04 LTS” text:


That suggests that you should download (arrow pointing down) something to your noisy and slow antique HDD platter ‘tHiNgIe,’ IMHO. Borrowed that pic from Joey Sneddon.

Now remember,  final release of 20.04 ‘Focal Fossa’ LTS is Ubuntu’s new direction (which may include Microsoft), so why would Ubuntu use an old icon that suggests downloading something to your noisy and slow antique HDD?!?