Color me surprised! I’ve thrown or given away most of my older components, like pre-2006 stuff and don’t even remember when I last had a Floppy Disk. Some people collect and restore old cars so maybe there’s a niche for really old computers. The slowest thing about my main computer, ‘Antec Jr.‘, is the less than 10-seconds boot time (Windows 10 Pro), so I don’t want anything to do with with an old slow computer that needs a Floppy Disk.

Floppy Disk Is Not Dead — Linux Kernel Still Adding Improvement Code

  • But it seems a little surprising that the Linux kernel is still showing interest in improving its support. Ahead of kernel 5.7 release, a new floppy patch lines up with 613 deletion and 586 lines of code for the next Linux kernel cycle.
  • Though the modern devices fully discard floppy disk drive to focus only on hard disk drive or USB, people still have old computers and hence, they find the floppy as the most convenient way to transfer data.
  • So if you still prefer to use a floppy disk, Linux kernel is there for you to provide support.

Wonder how how long it would take me to transfer over 125 GB’s of data using a Floppy Disk drive? Wonder how many floppy disks would be needed?

Most Linux Distros have Wi-Fi problems, printer problems, scanner problems, USB dock problems,  Ryzen™ APU problems, etc. but I’m guessing they all still recognize a Floppy Disk drive. Amazon has some for sale…