Well, as I have often pointed out on this blog, Arch and all the ‘Archies’ have serious hardware recognition problems, and etc…have read they do OK on old hardware, but struggle with new hardware. Arch “DOS” Linux is #1 on my A-1 Linux *JUNK* page.

Also, as I have posted about on this blog, most Linux Developers work for free so they eventually end up with real jobs and real families that require more of that Developer’s ‘Free’ time. Many Distros operate on a ‘Shoestring Budget’ which is another Distro weakness that I look for when advising what Distro to choose for newbies. Ubuntu LTS is an example of a Linux Distro that will be around for a long time – plenty of financial support and actual long-term tech & project’s support.

Aaron Griffin has been running Arch Linux since 2007, but has struggled with the amount of ‘Free’ time that is required for a long time…struggled since at least 2013. Yesterday I saw this – “Arch Linux under new leadership” – on DistroWatch, so am checking it out this morning. Here is what I have found so far:

The Future of the Arch Linux Project Leader:

2020-02-24 – Aaron Griffin

Hello everyone,

Some of you may know me from the days when I was much more involved in Arch, but most of you probably just know me as a name on the website. I’ve been with Arch for some time, taking the leadership of this beast over from Judd back in 2007. But, as these things often go, my involvement has slid down to minimal levels over time. It’s high time that changes.

Arch Linux needs involved leadership to make hard decisions and direct the project where it needs to go. And I am not in a position to do this.

In a team effort, the Arch Linux staff devised a new process for determining future leaders. From now on, leaders will be elected by the staff for a term length of two years. Details of this new process can be found here

In the first official vote with Levente Polyak (anthraxx), Gaetan Bisson (vesath), Giancarlo Razzolini (grazzolini), and Sven-Hendrik Haase (svenstaro) as candidates, and through 58 verified votes, a winner was chosen:

Levente Polyak (anthraxx) will be taking over the reins of this ship. Congratulations!

Thanks for everything over all these years,
Aaron Griffin (phrakture)

Well, not sure what all that means for the future of Arch Linux, but Arch development is certainly going to suffer with having to focus on elections every two years. Unsupported (or weak support) & ‘Fragmentation’ are two of the major reasons why Linux Desktop has a mere 2% of total Desktop/Laptop market share.

Anyway, if you’re thinking about trying Arch or one of the Arch-based Distros, then you should probably reconsider. If you have already been using Arch or an Arch-based, then you might ask yourself ‘Why?

Rule of Thumb – if you can’t install Ubuntu on it, then you can’t install any Linux Distro on it.