I forgot how much I hated using my tablet until I tried Version 9.0 of Android-x86 on ‘Apevia’ just a few minutes ago…it’s the version where you can “port Google’s Android to a standard computer” & I downloaded android-x86_64-9.0-r1-k49.iso (the k49 part means it uses the “4.9 version of the Linux kernel”).

Claims it’s for a standard computer, but seems to think it was still on a tablet. Had created a ‘Live’ USB, and it booted up fine on the Ryzen™ test computer…found the Wi-Fi easily, but that was about as good as the Android-x86 test went. It was so bad from there that it doesn’t even belong on my A-1 Linux *JUNK* page!!!

Tried finding the setting to switch my mouse buttons…it offered a tablet option or something (!?!?) and a keyboard option. Used their search option which led to a Google webpage offering a choice between actual mouses with fur and/or computer mouses with buttons and wheels. OK…no mouse settings on Android-x86. How about system info – to check Android’s hardware recognition ability? Nope. OK, that’s it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll shut down and write a review….uhhh hummmmmmm ahhhhhuuuuhhhhhhh. Whar’s the shutdown button or icon that turns off the computer?

OK … have moved the ‘Live’ USB to ‘Antec Sr.’ in case the ‘No Shutdown Button’ issue was Android not recognizing the resolution and/or graphics options. Nope, the only problem was that Android just sucks.

Maybe this Android version is meant for people already using Android on their tablets, and it is just meant to “port” that info, settings, data, etc to a standard computer. I dunno?!