OK…a little over a year since I first started this blog – i.e. started posting on January 6, 2019. This is actually a #2 Progressions of the Linux Newbie Blog post, on the ‘Progressions of the Linux Newbie Blog’ page, which has 4 other “Parts” listed on it.

Have piddled with Linux since 1996, but only really got what it was about during extensive studying, experimenting, testing, and etcetera over this past year. Some things I was right on…other things I was wrong on…some results found earlier last year have changed positively since then…others are negative now, i.e. my mind made many changes over the year. However, I did end up back where I had started when the blog was created – a Déjà vu – with ‘Ubuntu LTS’ clearly the #1 Linux Desktop Distro, in both the real world and on my ‘Karmi’s Top 10 Linux Distros’ page. Over 2000+ Linux Distros and none come close to Ubuntu LTS for a great and stable Desktop OS. Also, after that long year, the Puppy Linux ‘Tree’ remained as my favorite ‘Portable & Rescue’ Distro…have even been looking for a better ‘Portable & Rescue’ as a replacement this month, but BionicPup is just too great at what it does and can do.

More fun and less work this year…that means fewer Distro Review posts (especially desktop reviews). Hey, there are no Linux Desktop Distros that can come close to what Ubuntu LTS has to offer, so I will spend less time reviewing the desktop/laptop Distros, for sure! From ‘Live’ USB tests, to ease & flexibility of the Ubuntu LTS installation, to hardware recognition, to desktop/laptop usage, and etcetera there are no other Linux Distros that are as reliable & stable – not even Ubuntu’s own “Interim releases.” You want a ‘Toy OS’ to play with, or if you want a ‘Barbie & Ken’ type of OS that you can play ‘Fashionistas’ dress up of your OS, then Linux has some 2000+ Distros for that. Well, out of that 2000++ there are a lot of great ‘Specialty’ Distros, but like BionicPup and Kodachi, those aren’t really geared towards normal ‘Desktop Duty’. Want a desktop/laptop OS that isn’t Windows 10 – then go with Ubuntu LTS.

  • Rule of Thumb – if you can’t install Ubuntu on it, then you can’t install any Linux Distro on it.

Besides, the Windows 7 end of life support has come and gone with barely a ‘blip’ in the Linux 2% of total desktop OS usage; heck, can anyone actually tell if that ‘blip’ had a up or down direction? 99.9999% of those Windows 7 users will end up on Windows 10…just a matter of time, since no other OS can compete with Windows 10 for desktop/laptop usage (not even Ubuntu LTS). Guess my ‘WIN 7 series’ has reached its end of life also.

Fewer posts, fewer Desktop Distro reviews and more whatever posts…I still plan a Ryzen™ CPU upgrade on the ‘Apevia’ computer’s Ryzen 5 3400G APU later this year, but not sure what all it’ll actually involve; heck, a lot of Distros are still having graphic problems with the Ryzen™ so I’ll probably steer clear of the AMD graphic cards (tho I do like their prices – hate lack of driver support tho!). The recent ‘Backup Your Linux System’ page series were what I consider “fun” testing and posts. Most of my posts & pages are references that I can refer back to when working on some techy stuff like upgrading a fan, or saving an image of a Linux OS, or partitioning & installation, etc. In the past, I’d do something until it worked, but didn’t ever save the info on how I did it…years later, I’d be doing something similar and have to spend a lot of time getting it to work again…simply because I didn’t write it down (or did and then lost it!?). Blogs are a good place to store certain stuff that normal filing systems can’t seem to do, for me anyway, e.g. writing how & using pics on prepping a drive for installation. I already have too many filing cabinets…just noticed one yesterday that need replacing and/or merged and/or thinned out…geez! I have 125 GB of DATA files on my computer…documents, old documents, Distro iso’s, computer components, pictures, videos, Fantasy Football leagues (I’m in two leagues), passwords, secure passwords, downloaded apps & utilities, bookmarks (8.06 MB’s), etc. I can go to my blog and type in the search box for a topic – like “Toy OSes” and it brings up the info in just a few seconds, with even more info, pics, links…everything on “Toy OSes”!!! My file cabinets can’t do that and neither can that 125 GB DATA file.

I don’t pay a lot of attention to my blog stats…about all the stats I ever look at are on my WP Admin Dashboard … some chart on the right top side. It gives “Top Posts” viewed over the past week, and those posts are always mostly old MX Linux & Kodachi posts. Stats never seemed to work when I did look closer, like a post not showing up in stats even tho a reader made a comment on it…later in the year, I had read that posts read on the “WP Reader” don’t show up in stats, but I don’t know that for sure. TOR browsers probably don’t show up in stats either, Kodachi surfers are also hidden, and VPN surfers are also probably hidden (tho I don’t know for sure). Did notice a jump in action when I added the WP Google Translate app to my blog’s frontpage…it was that obvious on the Dashboard. Probably time for me to do another MX Linux post…their developers listen and work hard at doing a good job, and visitors are reading those posts everyday here…even tho they are old oldies. Downloaded their new update a day or two ago, and it looked better than usual in early ‘Live’ tests.

That does it for now…I did just take some pics of some stat charts for 2019 & 2020, so will add them at the end here. Had more American visitors than I had realized, but still loads of foreigners from almost every nation (some nations more than others…e.g. the one visitor from Togo in 2019 won’t show up in my pics here, and neither will the 24 visitors from 24 different countries show up in the 2020 visitor chart, but they were here!). BTW, most visitors never made comments, which was good for me, and one of the reason I shutdown the comment section on this blog…it was never meant to be a blog for commenting on.

2019 Top viewed posts:

Switching to seven different DE’s on MX Linux has always been the most viewed post here…my main problem with MX Linux has been its poor record at hardware recognition  (something suffered by most Linux Distros).

2019 Top visitor countries:

Until I recently checked when getting that pic, I hadn’t realized that there were so many visitors from the United States…wonder if that was a recent jump caused by my Windows 7 series?? Probably buried in stats someplace…

2020 Top viewed posts:

People apparently want to know how to install their favorite DE on MX Linux … 438 views already this year.

2020 Top visitor countries:

Lots of foreign visitors … as noted above, there have been 24 visitors from 24 different countries already this year…hold on, I gonna get a Snipping Tool quickie of those people…OK, Chrome sucks (I use FireFox for other WP blog), but finally got the pic:

Not really a stat person, but those individual visitors from 24 different countries really gets me, for some reason (?!?). About 97 countries are represented on that list, for 2020 so far. Had foreign visitors even before adding the WP Google Translate app, which is why I added the app…hey, foreigners like them some Linux in their own lingo!